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Refresh Your Tech: How to Effectively Shop the HR Tech Expo Hall

HR Tech

There is so much to experience in just a few short days when you are attending the HR Technology Conference, one of the industry’s largest Human Capital Management (HCM) technology shows. In fact, trying to take advantage of all that HR Tech offers, particularly the extensive Expo Hall, can be exhausting. Let HRchitect be your guide to help you shop smart and Refresh Your Tech.

In our free webinar, “Refresh Your Tech: How to Effectively Shop the HR Tech Expo Hall”,  Jacqueline Kuhn, Executive Vice President HCM Consulting Services at HRchitect, covers how to get the most utility out of a visit to the Expo Hall. You will learn what questions you should ask a vendor and how to look for that perfect fit for your organization. Finding the right solution to refresh your HCM technology needs is about shopping smart from the start.

What You Will  Learn…

  • Benefits of visiting the Expo Hall even if you are not purchasing in the next 6 – 12 months
  • How the Expo Hall is organized  and how to prepare for  your visit
  • How to get the most of your Expo Hall visit
  • Key questions to ask vendors as you visit them
  • An overview of the vendors based on types of software / services provided

Don’t forget to download and print HRchitect’s HR Tech Smart Shopping List (available soon!) for a reference checklist to use when visiting the Expo Hall.

Success with SaaS: Debunking Common Misconceptions & Myths

As quickly as the HR technology world evolves, it can be a challenge keeping up with the most current trends and features of HR software solutions in the market. Each HR software solution has its own bells and whistles, and not all solutions are a fit for every organization. So, how do you know which solution meets the needs for your organization?

In this informational webinar, we will uncover the many facets of SaaS as it has become the preferred method of delivering HR software today. Many organizations are choosing SaaS over the more traditional on-premise delivery model.

Powering Talent Management in the Energy Sector

Organizations in the energy sector face many unique challenges when it comes to attracting, managing and retaining top talent.  During this educational webinar, Brian Kimball, EVP of Implementation Services, will take attendees through current trends impacting the industry along with key external and internal factors that Human Resources professionals need to be aware of when looking for a new Talent Management system.

Ask the HRtechnology Expert Series: Building an HCM Technology Strategy

Have you been thinking about developing a strategy around HCM technology? Many have had this thought, but few know how to develop a strategy or even where to begin. HRchitect’s HCM technology experts answer these questions in this roundtable, open-forum webinar discussion.

Jacqueline Kuhn, VP of HCM Consulting Services & John Hinojos, VP of Consulting Services delve into the ‘big picture’ thinking and the components to think about when developing an HCM technology.

Ask the HRtechnology Experts Series: HCM Technology Evaluations: Finding the Right Resource to Help

In today’s world of Human Resource Technology, the road map to your organization’s ideal HR system solution can be more confusing than ever and the prospect of analyzing and evaluating each and every vendor can be daunting for even the most seasoned HR professional. Often times, the service and input of a qualified consultant can not only speed up the evaluation process but also save an organization time, labor, and help to avoid costly mistakes.

Jacqueline Kuhn, EVP of HCM Consulting Services and  John Hinojos, VP of Consulting Services, help you find the answers to why you should find a qualified consultant and how to be sure you will find the right individual or team to help with your needs in this Ask the HRtchnology Experts Session.