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At HRchitect we take the risk out of HCM initiatives by guiding our clients to the best solutions that meet their specific needs.

While many consulting firms take a standard approach to all of their projects, our team takes the time to discover why each organization is unique. We will uncover what drives your business. Then we will outline what the resulting impacts are to your HCM technology, and the most important aspect…your people. Our consultants serve as interpreters throughout our service offerings – taking what your business objectives are and interpreting them into strategies, selection criteria and configuration settings.

We serve as guides and counselors during strategy and selection processes, working with your team as you think through your strategies and software evaluations. During implementation we are architects, designing the solution based on the unique business requirements of your organization.

The work we will do with your team will help your department become more efficient and effective. It allows Human Resources to evolve from a transaction-based operation to a strategic partner in the organization.

We can help your company empower and engage your employees from pre-hire through onboarding, training, benefits management, self-service, and more. Engaged employees become the company’s biggest advocates.