HR Tech Connect Summit

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HR Tech Connect is an invitation-only, hosted* summit focused exclusively on bringing an executive HR and IT audience together that is tasked with understanding the rapidly changing HR and workforce technology landscape, while delivering and implementing a successful digital transformation strategy.


2019 Key Themes Include:

• How is digital enabling a more responsive workforce?

• How technology like AI, analytics and mobile can create an agile workforce?

• Building growth and collaboration with people and machines working together

• Talent development strategies for the future of work

• Machine learning and AI / How talent acquisition and recruiting is evolving

• Ways blockchain will disrupt HR Tech Connect

• The key internal issues organizations must address before achieving long-term success with an HR technology solution (Culture Transformation, Employee Engagement & Communications)


HR Tech Connect offers strategic-level insights into how these investments will improve recruitment, engagement, workforce productivity, operational efficiency, workforce experience and wellness.