Lumesse Reinvents Recruiting with New TalentObjects: Recruit Solution

April 8, 2015

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Recruiting Reimagined on the Salesforce1 Platform for a Simple, Engaging and Collaborative Experience Between Hiring Manager and Candidate

BOSTON – April 8, 2015 – Lumesse, a global leader in talent solutions, today announced the launch of TalentObjects:Recruit, a ground-breaking solution on the Salesforce1 Platform for collaborative candidate engagement that will help companies hire the best talent and improve business outcomes.

The rise of mobile technology and social platforms makes it necessary for employers to fully leverage the most effective channels in engaging the job seekers they most want. Compounding their challenge are the expansion of millennials in the workforce and expectations of all employees for workplace solutions that mimic consumer experiences pressures employers to respond. With the launch of TalentObjects:Recruit on the Salesforce AppExchange, the world’s leading enterprise apps marketplace, Lumesse delivers a solution for the times that connects companies and people in a way that serves the process of recruiting but with a consumer-like user experience.

TalentObjects:Recruit is built on the platform trusted by more CIOs than any other to secure and deliver enterprise services from the cloud. Unlike other offerings, this is not simply an integration of legacy applications; instead it is talent acquisition completely reimagined and developed on the Salesforce1 Platform and delivered as a game-changing set of applications. Four additional modules – Learn, Perform, Rewards and Succession – will be released throughout the year, rounding out the complete platform. With TalentObjects:Recruit, the platform’s state-of-the-art mobile, social and communities capabilities are extended for the first time to a single solution that enables recruiters and hiring managers to intensify the level of engagement with candidates and the talent pool.

While many recruiting tools are optimized for processes only, TalentObjects:Recruit is optimized for people and also maps companies’ processes. Responding to recruiter and hiring manager demand for an enhanced mobile user experience, TalentObjects:Recruit features an engagingly simple interface coupled with rich collaboration at every step of the hiring process. It enables companies to connect with talent anytime, anywhere on any device. Offering an intuitive and familiar user experience it taps into the robust reporting companies require and Salesforce users have loved since day one. With TalentObjects:Recruit, Lumesse is the first to reimagine talent management the way a consumer might; a Human Centered Design that puts the user experience above all else.

TalentObjects:Recruit is built on the Salesforce1 Platform to fit specific needs of the recruiter and hiring manager.

Connected: Incorporating the platform’s rich set of mobile and social capabilities, TalentObjects:Recruit connects companies and candidates to one another, the processes and data they need wherever they are, whenever and however they want. Collaborative: The solution brings HR, business professionals and candidates together and turns random transactions into meaningful interactions. Utilizing the latest social and collaborative tools, the solution enables every employee in a company to become a brand ambassador or recruiter creating and nurturing relationships with top talent that turn the best candidates into the newest hires, faster. Secure: Built upon the cloud platform most trusted by businesses and CIOs, TalentObjects:Recruit gives companies the agility, extensibility and efficiencies of cloud-enabled business processes safely and securely.

“People are the most important asset a company has, and connecting and attracting those people critical to the core of your business is often left to a third-party,” said Ron Huddleston, senior vice president, ISV & Channels, at Salesforce. “Leveraging the power of the Salesforce1 platform, human capital management leader Lumesse has delivered a mobile-first, social application that reimagines talent acquisition. TalentObjects: Recruit brings together hiring managers, employees and partners with recruiters to collaborate anywhere, from any device, and win over these precious resources in a whole new way.”

“Hiring managers know that to engage today’s best candidates they need to use tools that are mobile from top-to-bottom, social through and through, and collaborative every step of the way. HR professionals need auditability of the process to protect the business,” said Charles Doucot, senior vice president and general manager of TalentObjects by Lumesse. “TalentObjects:Recruit serves them both. All the auditability and reporting that Salesforce users have always loved, and a mobile, social and collaborative experience that keeps people engaged, anytime and anywhere.”


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