New Work Market Report Helps IT Service Providers Build and Manage an On-Demand Workforce

April 15, 2015

work market

“Navigating the Perfect Storm” Details How Today’s Businesses Are Using On-Demand Workers to Thrive in an Unpredictable Service World

NEW YORK (April 15, 2015) – Work Market, the SaaS solution that helps companies find, manage and pay their freelance and independent contractor workforce from a single platform, today announced the release of a new white paper, “Navigating the Perfect Storm.” This cutting-edge research highlights how today’s IT service providers can manage a complicated and highly competitive landscape by building an agile and responsive workforce to adapt to unpredictable market conditions in real time.

The challenges facing IT service providers today are numerous and constantly growing. Factors like rising customer pressures, shrinking margins, the shift towards service models, changing vendor requirements and competitive threats have converged to create a difficult ecosystem. Moreover, rampant talent shortages, especially for technical positions, make it challenging for businesses to find the right talent to drive economic value and compete successfully. Yet, many service providers rely on outdated technologies to manage their workforce, leaving them unprepared to operate sustainably in this complex environment.

In “Navigating the Perfect Storm,” Work Market highlights these challenges and explains why service providers need a new approach to address these obstacles and emerge successfully. Key to achieving this is effectively building and managing an on-demand workforce, which enables businesses to synchronize their labor supply and demand in real time and provide the immediate service consumers increasingly expect. Not only does such a model result in enhanced service delivery, but it also meets the growing shift in the workplace in which more individuals are seeking flexible work.

The white paper also outlines the steps needed to create an on-demand workforce. From identifying coverage needs and determining talent requirements to implementing compliance controls and ensuring process alignment, Work Market shares the strategies that can help any IT service provider develop an effective plan for leveraging freelance talent to their advantage. In addition, the white paper also explains how when equipped with the right freelance management technology, businesses can revolutionize their approach to service optimization, accounting for coverage gaps, talent needs, compliance requirements and process alignment. As a result, they gain greater workforce visibility, leading to optimized labor costs, improved compliance and enhanced work quality.

“As the market becomes more challenging, IT service providers must adapt their talent strategies to drive their business forward and meet customer demands,” said Diego Lomanto, vice president, Marketing of Work Market. “By better managing a growing independent contractor talent pool, these companies will be better suited to weather any economic storm, relying on an on-demand workforce that can be scaled easily to meet changing market conditions. ‘Navigating the Perfect Storm’ was created to serve as a road map for providers, providing them with the insight needed to implement an on-demand labor strategy and develop a more agile workforce.”

“Navigating the Perfect Storm” is available for complimentary download at:


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