HRchitect continues to expand service offerings in all sectors through the first half of 2014

August 6, 2014

HRchitect has seen a dramatic increase in the number of service offerings and HCM technology implementation partners across all service sectors

Frisco, T.X. (August 6th, 2014) – As the premier Human Capital Management (HCM) systems consulting firm, HRchitect continues to grow in all service sectors of HCM technology consulting. The first half of 2014 has brought with it an increased number of HCM technology products which HRchitect’s consultants implement and support. More and more leading HCM vendors are turning to HRchitect to ensure that implementation resources are up to speed with the latest offerings as well as able to implement these new solutions. From strategic planning and evaluation, to implementation and change management, HRchitect has expanded both in revenue and their client portfolio as leading vendors are continuously added to HRchitect’s list of service offerings as the market and clients dictate.

“It’s an exciting time at HRchitect as we add more and more service offerings around the complete suite of HCM technology solutions” said Brian Kimball, Executive Vice President, Implementation Services at HRchitect. “Our implementation teams are constantly training with new vendors from all areas of the HCM technology space including HRIS, Benefits, Workforce Management, Talent Acquisition, Talent Management and Learning Management. Our list of systems we are trained to implement is growing every quarter.”

HRchitect’s commitment to their vendor-agnostic approach to evaluation and selection services sets the company apart from many of the other consulting companies in the HCM space today. As a result of offering truly unbiased, vendor-neutral system evaluations, HRchitect’s evaluation and selection services remain one of the fastest growing practices within the company. The HRchitect selection process places all the emphasis on the client’s needs and not the interests of one solution provider over another. This allows HRchitect to be a truly impartial advocate for clients throughout the selection process and has played a major factor in recent company growth.

As all practices within HRchitect continue to grow, the company has streamlined operations to better meet the needs of clients and enhance the customer experience. “Even after 17 years in business, we continue to evaluate our internal resources, systems, policies, and procedures, just like we would when we are working on behalf of our clients.” said Matt Lafata president at HRchitect. “We are continuing to improve on what we do year in and year out…all to the benefit of our current and future clients.”


About HRchitect: HRchitect, the leader in full life cycle Human Capital Management systems consulting services, is a name you can trust as your one-stop shop for all your HR technology related consulting services. HRchitect’s services are focused around strategic planning, evaluation/selection, project management and implementation of HR systems, Workforce Management systems, Talent Acquisition systems, and Talent Management systems.

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