Notice Something Different About Us?

May 3, 2018


A question that many dread answering, especially if the change the asker is inquiring about is so slight that it takes some amount of study time to keep you out of the doghouse.  We hope that’s not the case in this instance, as we think the change around here is pretty apparent.  But, in case it isn’t, we’ll tell you what’s different.

The marketing team here at HRchitect has spent the last few months on a rebranding exercise for our website,, our logo, and pretty much everything that we publish. Our website, as well as our logo, have had a complete refresh.

Since my beginning at HRchitect over six years ago, we’ve gone from the play on our ‘Architect’ name with our original logo:

Original HRchitect Logo

To the more recent puzzle logo:

HRchitect logo with HCM tag

And finally, our new logo:



We’ve kept the puzzle around as HRchitect’s mission here at HRchitect is to help organizations solve complex HCM challenges, or puzzles, if you will. The four pieces of our puzzle are representative of the four areas of HRchitect’s HCM technology services offering: strategy, selection, implementation and support. has undergone a dramatic change – we’ve cleaned up the navigation as well as added some great educational content and case studies.  In total, the website has been designed it to give you a better feel for who we are as a company and the many ways in which we can benefit your HCM technology initiatives and avoid the risk of undergoing such alone and without an expert.

If you have a few moments, take a look around the new And, if you’re so inclined, participate in our scavenger hunt for your chance to win an iPad Mini.

As always, thanks for being a reader of HRchitect’s HCM Tech Trends blog and a visitor of If you have any feedback you would like to share with us, send us a quick note to