Training Challenges with Today’s Diverse Audiences

July 1, 2019

With five generation types active in today’s workforce, HR professionals are facing training challenges like never before. Let the HRchitect professionals guide you through the training challenges that exist with today’s diverse audiences.

In this short video HRchitect President & CEO, Matt Lafata, and Senior HCM Implementation Consultant, Ray Eaton, examine how to best handle these training challenges and answer these four questions:

  • What is the profile of today’s learner?
  • What challenges are present when training needs to account for each generation?
  • What training tools are necessary to keep the next generation of learners engaged?
  • What are some pieces of advice for organizations that want to go about structuring training today and in the future?

This short video is part of HRchitect’s ongoing HCM Technology Leadership Series. For more information on today’s training challenges, download the Training Challenges: Today’s Diverse Audiences whitepaper.

Watch the Video