What to do if a Vendor is Sunsetting Your Technology

January 1, 2020

In the world of HCM Technology, change is the only constant. One change that may throw you for a loop is when you receive notification that your technology vendor is sunsetting or changing your HCM technology.

While you likely aren’t jumping for joy about this, you don’t have to panic either. Let the HRchitect professionals guide you so you know, “What to do if a Vendor is Sunsetting Your Technology”.

In this short video, HRchitect President, Matt Lafata, and EVP of HCM Consulting Services, Jacqueline Kuhn, explore how you can proactively deal with these changes, and answer these questions:

-Is there a way to anticipate the sunsetting of your product?
-How can you anticipate product changes in terms of growth or lack thereof?
-How can you plan for these changes or sunsetting of your technology? What kind of options or solutions do organizations have today?
-As a user is planning to move to another product, what should they be thinking of so that they do not have to repeat the process in just a few years?

Watch the Video