Signs You Need to Optimize Your HCM System

April 3, 2018

Written by Heather Soper


Optimizing your Human Capital Management (HCM) system is essential to recognizing the real value of whichever platform your company is utilizing. Was your HCM system implemented long before you were an employee with the company, and you don’t have full understanding of its operation? Does your company have any invalid or outdated role or security permissions or approval processes? Have you acquired or divested any companies? Did you initially purchase modules that you are not currently utilizing? Do you need further training on using your platform?

If you answered “yes” to any of the above, those are signs that you need to optimize your system.

If your HCM system was implemented before you were an employee with the company, there is a good chance that some of your setup needs to be updated. Maybe there are erroneous roles in your system, or maybe there are people no longer employed with the company, but that have workflows or approvals assigned to them. Having a Consultant come in and review your current roles, workflows, and permissions can help protect your data and add to your overall system security. This is especially important if you do not have someone currently assigned as an administrator to keep up with changes needed in the system as people come and go, or roles change.

Another reason you may need to optimize your system are if acquisitions or divestments have occurred. Again, some of your organization’s roles may have been eliminated, or you may need new roles added to your system. Your workflows or approvals process may need to be updated. When you divest a company, or break away from a parent group, you may need to reduce the options in your system or update user access.

HCM Optimization is not just for cleanup. Sometimes companies need additional training on certain aspects of their platform to be able to utilize the platform fully. Often, we come across organizations who, through an optimization, discover that they are paying for modules that they are not using, because the staff was not trained on how to utilize those modules. Don’t let yourself miss out on the value that HR technology can add to your day-to-day business practices by letting modules go unused – ask for training instead.

As a rule, periodic system review and cleanup can help keep your HCM system humming along successfully and add the most value to your business. If you think your business may need a tune-up, consider bringing in an outside consultant to help with your optimization. A fresh perspective combined with deep system expertise can go a long way in determining what your business could be doing better with its HR technology and provide you with clear plan to move forward.

At HRchitect, we value our relationship with our clients and have a “client for life” mentality in everything we do. We not only have years of experience guiding clients to the system that’s right for their organization, we also have years of experience implementing HCM systems and optimizing the HCM systems our clients have. In addition, our change management experts help to ensure that your organization adopts and gets the most from your new technology to ensure their new investment continues working best for your organization.

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