iCIMS Expertise

HRchitect is the go-to resource for all your iCIMS Talent Cloud Platform needs. We are an official iCIMS Service and Advisor Partner offering consulting services for organizations who are preparing to implement, or have already implemented, iCIMS.



As an official iCIMS Service and Advisor Partner, we are able to support customers with:

  • Client-side Implementation Services – Many implementation projects fail because the client doesn’t have the proper resources on their end, or their team just doesn’t have the bandwidth. HRchitect will step in as the client-side resource to ensure success and realization of ROI, while your team focuses on their day jobs.
  • Recruitment Consulting – Get help with recruiting strategy, market intelligence, process design, and change management.
  • iCIMS Evaluation and Optimization – If your Talent Cloud processes have changed, or you aren’t utilizing all of the features in the latest iCIMS software releases, we’ll identify areas for improvement and adjust system configuration so you’re maximizing ROI.
  • Managed Support Services  & Remote System Administration – Whether it’s custom training for a new group of recruiters, building reports, or just getting someone to take those day-to-day system configuration tweaks off of your plate, HRchitect has you covered.

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