A New Approach for a New Year

February 4, 2016

Over the last four years, I have seen many shifts in the HCM marketplace and in HR technology trends.   I’ve noticed one constant – almost every organization who opts to handle selection or implementation of HCM technology in-house, ends up regretting it later.

In fact, about 75% of my client base now consists of organizations that initially opted to handle their system selection or implementation in-house and have since come back to HRchitect for help in bailing them out of a tough situation.

It’s easy to understand what the driving force is behind wanting to keep an implementation in-house – it keeps the cost low. In reality, that assumption by business leaders does not always hold true. Here are some of the issues I have heard over the years where companies have chosen to not use a professional, outside resource:

  • The company thought the new system would fit its requirements, but the system did not perform as anticipated. How can it be fixed? Or is it time to start from scratch, and if so, how do we not make the same mistakes again?
  • The end result was not good because the implementation project was dumped on top of the HR Team, who already had a heavy workload and now was required to work to an unrealistic project timeline.
  • The company had a short implementation timeline and was required to keep configuration to a bare minimum. Once the project was completed, there was no follow-up initiative, time or in-house expertise to add the “bells and whistles” to see where the company could maximize the power and anticipated ROI of the system.
  • Although the company successfully handled the implementation in-house, there is was a lack of system knowledge to effectively train users and promote user adoption.
  • The company spent a lot of unnecessary time and money due to the C-Level executive who was concerned about purchasing the wrong system or doing an evaluation without the proper planning, requirements definition and project management but was not willing to pay for external expertise to help achieve this result.
  • Cost justifying the number of hours the in-house team will spend on the implementation and the opportunity cost in relation to their other responsibilities (as opposed to budgeting for professional consulting services) ends up being much more cost effective.

HCM technology continues to evolve, becoming more complex and interrelated to other systems (either within your technology suite or with another best-of-breed solution).  As the technology advances, in-house HCM procurement or implementation will become more difficult, with an increased chance of failure. While using an expert consulting firm to assist may seem a stretch for the budget, by having a solid methodology for evaluation, and with a more professional and successful implementation, you may ultimately realize more ROI.

HRchitect is a full-service HCM consulting firm with expertise in all areas of HCM technology. We can assist you in creating a HCM Strategy and implementation plan, assist with system evaluation and selection, as well as implementation servers for all aspects of Human Resources technology. So with the new year well underway, give yourself a gift of a successful, less stressful technology implementation in 2016 by reaching out to HRchitect to see how we can help with your next HCM technology initiative.