Assessing Your Current Human Capital Management (HCM) System(s)

December 19, 2017

By Matt Lafata

If you are reading this, then chances are pretty good that you use some kind of Human Capital Management (HCM) system (i.e. recruiting, talent management, learning, workforce management, core HR, payroll, benefits, etc.).  In addition, since you are reading this, you are likely human and hopefully see a doctor for regular health, or wellness checkups. Well, when was the last time you performed a “check-up” on your HCM system?

Now that you have made it to the second paragraph, I’m here to tell you that it’s in your best interest to step back from time to time and assess how you are using that HCM system and how it is working for your organization.

Most HR departments do not have the kind of expertise and understanding of today’s complex world of HCM components and systems, or even which vendors are keeping up with changes in the industry or likely to even be around in the future. That’s where HRchitect and its 2000+ HCM consulting projects come into play.

So what do we do in helping your assess your systems and needs? Well, I’m glad you asked. Here are some things we do in a system assessment, which should give you something to think about.

  • Evaluate your current needs and whether they have changed since first implementing your system. Once these needs are validated, are there gaps in what the current solution can address?

  • Validate why you automated this function in the first place and whether your goals and objectives are still legitimate. Have your requirements changed?

  • Determine whether you are utilizing your current system to its full capacity and whether additional modules or functionality may be needed.

  • Verify whether the system is technically efficient. Are the response times meeting the needs of the users?

  • Assess the level of usability and adoption of the system. How are new users being trained?

  • Review the integration of the system with other HCM applications within your organization. Realize the ROI (Return on Investment) and ROV (Return on Value) from the current system.

  • Substantiate the viability of the vendor. Is the vendor still financially sound? What is the vendor’s current strategy and road map? Is this product still one of the leaders in the market?

  •  Review your organization’s HCM systems’ strategies. Does this system fit within those strategies?

  •  Review your organization’s system administration and help desk roles.

  • Analyze the governance model for this system. Is there a steering committee in place? How are internal enhancements prioritized? What is the best approach to provide input to the vendor and maintain a positive customer relationship?

  • Evaluate the legislative compliance of the system. How is your organization adhering to data privacy requirements (particularly in global environments?)

  • Examine the configurability and customization levels of the current system. Do you still have a migration plan forward with the vendor?

  • Reassess the current system reports. Do any reports need to be added or rewritten?

  • Can we incorporate other best practices or optimize the current processes?

  • Ascertain whether you should look at other systems before renewing your current contract and if so, who you should look at and why. (Do we have a substantiated business case to make a change?)

  • Assist with contract renewal. Can the pricing and Service Level Agreement be improved?

Is your head spinning around like Linda Blair in the Exorcist? Or maybe it is just cocked to the side like my dog? Either way, there is likely at least some head scratching and concern at this point. Nobody needs that kind of concern or stress in their life! Think of us as your meditation, your deep breathing exercises, or your little stress-reducing-squeeze-ball.

We know the vendor marketplace better than anybody you could talk to and have helped organizations just like yours avoid the landmines inherent in HCM technology decisions and deployments. Give us a call before you invest another dime and we will help you navigate through it all.


About Matt Lafata

Matt Lafata

Matt has over 25 years in the HR technology industry and has been with HRchitect since 2004. He currently serves as President and CEO. Read more about Matt here.