The Best Laid Plans… Part 2

November 21, 2014


That is a big word. Carries lots or responsibility and ownership. Means you are the one that the fingers point at – for good or for bad.

Which is fine if you do your due diligence and know what is really needed to serve the business.

Reminds me of one of my favorite holiday meals. Frog legs.

You may balk at the thought but I assure you – they are for the faint of heart.

Cook them like you were frying chicken thighs – seasoned with dill, garlic, paprika and sea salt – served with a ginger garlic and lemon aioli on the side.
Fabulous – although my wife and kids aren’t fans.

Which is the point.

You may think what is wanted is what is wanted. And you may be right. But you may equally be wrong.  Which is a disaster! Not in your best interest. Not in your stakeholders’ best interest. Not in your company’s best interest.

So – start right.

Listen to what your solution adopters are saying.

Take the time to understand what they need. Work to set aside what you assume will work or what is needed, in order to understand what is needed, what is not working and why it is not working. Measure that against what the company needs now and in light of where the company is going.  Only then will you be in a position to consider potential solutions.

Or… you can choose to believe that everyone likes your food of choice and will happily follow along.

FYI – leftover frog legs are not for the faint of heart

Brian Kimball

About Brian Kimball
Brian has over 20 years of expertise in the Human Resources domain including over 15 years in systems development and implementation. Since he stated with HRchitect in 2000, Brian has led project management, functional consulting and training responsibilities in over 75 Applicant Tracking system evaluations and implementations. He is well versed in all aspects of the HR domain, including Applicant Tracking, Talent Management, Workforce Management, and the related technologies.

In his current role at HRchitect, Brian manages the firm’s HCM systems implementation services teams and leverages his extensive implementation expertise to develop HRchitect’s proprietary implementation methodologies and mentor his team. Brian’s expertise in managing and implementing HR systems has also resulted in numerous speaking engagements and published articles on how to successfully manage HCM technology projects. Brian enjoys the energy that comes from building something together with our consulting team and our clients that truly makes a difference within their organization. He feels that as a consulting organization we are able to bring a perspective to bear with our clients that is enabled by HRchitect’s continued commitment to vendor neutrality.

When Brian isn’t working with his teams or speaking on HCM implementation best practices, he enjoys cooking and experimenting with Fusion Cuisine as well as developing his own estate cidery in Winnipeg, Canada.