Consultant Spotlight of the Month: Durrel Lowe

November 16, 2023

Durrel Lowe, Technical Consultant, brings several years of experience as a Workforce Management Analyst and Internal Control Analyst to the HRchitect team. Durrel holds a WorkForce Software Time Level 1- Configuration Specialist Partner Certification and has significant experience in multiple industries, including technology and insurance. Durrel started working in the workforce management field as an analyst and has been steadfast in his role as a Technical Consultant since then.  Durrel excels in his technical and analytical abilities in supporting our WorkForce Software client’s projects and system configuration needs.

Alma Matar: Florida A&M University  

Favorite restaurant: Maggiano’s Little ItalyI love Italian cuisine.  

Favorite series: My favorite series isThe Bear on FX.

What do you do when you’re not working? I love going to the beach. I am a Florida native and have been around a body of water my whole life. It’s a peaceful spot for me. Also, I spend time with my family. Family is everything to me.  

How did you learn about HRchitect, and what made you join the company? My previous practice director at HRchitect contacted me as I was on the market due to a layoff from my last company due to COVID-19. We set up a meeting to discuss my workforce management experience and skill set. We discussed the Technical Consultant position at HRchitect and how my work experience and technical skills would be an excellent fit for the open role. I joined HRchitect in October of 2022, and the rest is history!

How has your background impacted your experience as a consultant? Being a consultant was new to me when I joined HRchitect. However, I spent several years in the HCM sector on the practitioner side. Previously, I worked at a technology company as a Workforce Management Analyst and gained my expertise in Workforce Management software systems. In that role, my organization made the switch to UKG. I led that implementation project along with four other people. I was responsible for teaching the field leaders how to use the UKG system. This role helped prepare me for a consulting role by implementing my entire region onto the UKG platform.

In your own words, what do you do at HRchitect? As a Technical Consultant, I have a wide range of responsibilities focused on configuring applications per client specifications.

Tell me about a project you’ve worked on that you’re particularly proud of. I’m quite proud of my first full implementation project for a global media and telecommunications company. This project was a brand-new system implementation that was a great example of collaboration with the client from start to finish as we built their Time and Attendance system. In my day-to-day role, I mainly focus on support work for clients already utilizing a workforce management platform. Generally, we’re either building on top of other configured work or taking away. With full implementations, you have a blank canvas, so I was doing all the building along with others on the team. It felt great to meet the client’s ambitious deadlines without any issues and progress smoothly to the client’s go-live date. 

What’s been one of your favorite destinations for a client site visit? One of my favorite recent destinations to travel to, though not for a client visit, was for our HRchitect WorkForce Software practice meeting a few months ago in Nashville, Tennessee. As we all work remotely, I enjoyed myself and enjoyed connecting with my teammates in person. 

As part of a team that works 100% virtually, what technology or collaboration tools do you use to make your work life easier?  I have multiple screens to display different handles that I use daily. Also, Slack is a great tool that I engage with daily internally with my team and the company. 

What motivates you to wake up and go to work every day? I’m an analytical thinker and love solving problems. I love what I do and love working with my team. We are very different, but we all bring strengths that mesh well together collectively. 

What’s a typical workday like for you? I’m a morning person, so I am very energetic when I start my day. I begin by checking emails and Slack to catch up with any updates from the previous day. Next, I work through the checklist I laid out for myself from the previous day. The remaining part of my day is either in meetings or working on client work. No day is the same, which I love. 

Which employee perk that HRchitect offers do you enjoy the most? Why? For starters, what perk isn’t enjoyed? HRchitect is a company that truly means what they say. This year, we were given half-day Fridays off for the summer, and it was such a blessing. I got to spend more time with my family.