Five things I love about working at HRchitect

April 10, 2018

Many workplaces today tout themselves as having a great culture, and being better than the other guys. That is usually easier said than done in most workplaces, but not at HRchitect. I’ve been fortunate to be a part of some great teams in my career, but HRchitect has been the best. Here are five things that I love about being a part of the HRchitect team.

  1. Culture of collaboration – There’s no silo mindset here. Collaboration is encouraged, and I find I’m always working closely with colleagues from other departments. Sometimes I’m working with the sales team to reach new prospects that could benefit from optimization services, and other days I’m working with our EVP of Strategic Consulting Services to analyze industry trends and craft speaking proposals. I appreciate HRchitect’s collaborative culture because different perspectives and multiple pairs of eyes on a project always yields a better result.
  2. Approachable leadership – Our leadership team truly practices what they preach in terms of having an open-door policy. They are simply a phone call or e-mail away (or just a few steps away if you work in our headquarters office). You don’t have to get past personal assistants or impossible schedules when you have something you’d like to discuss with one of our executives. When you do have questions, comments, concerns or ideas, they always listen and continue the discussion in a productive manner. Just today, I spoke with Matt Lafata about some ideas for upcoming marketing campaigns and shot Brian Kimball an e-mail to recognize some of my colleagues who have been jumping through hoops to help with marketing initiatives. In both interactions, my questions/feedback were acknowledged and my thoughts were appreciated.
  3. Smart, but not stuffy attitude – At HRchitect, I’m fortunate to be surrounded by of the smartest people I know. In my experience, what sets these Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) apart is that they are more than happy to share their knowledge with others. There’s no condescending attitude when you ask for a few minutes of their time, and you never leave an interaction feeling like you’ve asked silly questions. In fact, learning and development is highly encouraged.
  4. Unlimited PTO – When I tell people about this amazing benefit, their reaction is usually twofold. First, there is amazement that I’m fortunate enough to have unlimited PTO. The second wave is usually skepticism, where I’m asked, “But is it really unlimited?” The answer here is truly “yes”. You are trusted to manage your workload, which includes delegating to other team members. The impact of this is obvious – true work/life balance. You can actually relax and recharge on a well-deserved vacation, and don’t need to stress about making up hours when you have a doctor’s appointment on a Wednesday afternoon.
  5. Family atmosphere – We’re a relatively large company and have experienced quite a bit of growth over the past couple of years. Like any organization, we have growing pains and are working out some kinks, but the family atmosphere that is associated with small/startup companies, has remained a constant throughout HRchitect’s growth. I really appreciate that colleagues make an effort to get to know each other, and really care about each other. Our team is very intentional about this, because most of us are working virtually. To give you an idea of the family atmosphere, here are some examples of my interactions with colleagues over the past few weeks:
  • Exchanged recipes with a consultant who also loves to cook
  • Got recommendations for a Netflix show one of our sales managers knew I’d love
  • Fawned over pictures of a consultant’s newborn baby
  • Went to a workout class with a member of our finance team

In my experience, the HRchitect team is more than a team –  we’re a family.

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About Samantha Colby

Samantha Colby

Samantha Colby is the Marketing Director at HRchitect, the leader in HCM systems strategic consulting. Samantha has several years of experience in the payroll and benefits administration space. Samantha has B2B and consumer marketing experience in several industries including consulting, higher education, and sports and entertainment. When not preparing for upcoming trade shows or executing marketing campaigns, Samantha can be found following Boston-based sports teams or reading a  book from the local library.