Five Tips for Successful HCM Issue List Review Meetings

April 18, 2023

 By Chelsa Williamson

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Time is a priceless commodity! Open issues are a fact of HCM projects. At times, it can feel like we have more issues than time. To keep the implementation project issues list manageable and the meetings productive, there are some key strategies to use. These strategies ensure that meetings are structured so that we can make the highest and best use of our time, resolve open issues, and continue to move the project forward.

Here are five tips to make the most of your HCM issue list meetings:

1. Prioritize your tickets/issues list.

  • Prioritize and have 3-5 tickets/project issues ready to discuss, depending on the length of the scheduled meeting.
  • Which will impact upcoming payroll issues?
  • Are team members going to remain available to you to help resolve open issues? (Anyone with upcoming leave? Or perhaps returning to regular duties?)
  • Which may be impacted by office closing or accounting/finance deadlines?

2.      Be sure to have key decision-makers and stakeholders on the call whenever possible.

  • These important participants allow work to proceed efficiently and decisions to be made immediately.
  • Use the meeting with these key participants to provide a clear perspective to the whole team.
  • During the meeting, capture the necessary details for a solution to enhance communication with your implementation project team.

3.      Discuss specific examples of issues or challenges the project is experiencing.

  • Highlight a specific scenario that didn’t yield the expected results.
  • Share your screen or screenshots showing an example.
  • Provide business requirements that cover which groups may or may not be impacted by requested changes.
  • Do the requested changes impact exempt or non-exempt, a particular state or country, union or not union?

4.    Ask questions.

  • Encourage team members in the meeting to ask questions or provide feedback.
  • There are no wrong questions. Someone may have the same question that you have!
  • Team members who join projects after the initial start may benefit from seemingly “basic” questions.
  • What answers/guidance do you need from your consultant team?

5.   After a successful implementation project issues review meeting, don’t forget the following:

  • Track which items were actions for your team.
  • Follow up with your team members.
  • Consult with your HRchitect Implementation project managers and consultants if a question arises that you couldn’t resolve during the meeting. 

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About the Author

Chelsa Williamson brings over 13 years of experience to her roles at HRchitect. Her expertise includes technical consulting, business analysis, and payroll processing for small to mid-size organizations.

Learn more about Chelsa at LinkedIn here.