HRchitect = The Real Millionaire Match Maker

February 10, 2015

Written By: Elizabeth Capece

As we are well into the new year, a lot of us take a step back to figure out how to make 2015 better than 2014. Exercising more, eating better, and spending more time with family are some popular New Year resolutions people tend to make. However, sometimes these resolutions are hard to keep (and you’ve probably already broken some by this time). Lucky for you, HRchitect can help you out with a few of these resolutions.

We have all heard the phrase “Time is Money.” HRchitect can save you valuable time and money by taking a look at your current Human Capital Management (HCM) systems landscape and help you develop an HCM technology road map. Or maybe you have a road map and you need a vendor neutral opinion to help you select that perfect HCM technology solution for your unique organization. Either way, HRchitect can save you valuable time and money by marrying your specific business requirements with the best HCM technology. In return, this allows for you to have more time for your New Year’s resolutions while simultaneously keeping business goals in the forefront of your HCM technology strategy project.

HCM software, as we all know is very expensive. Selecting the wrong software could be detrimental to the overall growth of an organization. HRchitect offers you relief from this volatile situation by pairing your company with experts who work alongside your team to build a roadmap for your HCM technology, select a new or replacement system, implement and integrate your new HCM technology, provide ongoing support and everything in between. Just like a matchmaker gives a personality test to a potential client to be match with a perfect mate, HRchitect takes into account all of your business requirements in order to set up the perfect “demo date” with different vendors to see which one fits your company best.

HRchitect is a company you can rely on to make sure you are matched with the best HCM software out there, so that in return you can save your company a lot (maybe even millions) of dollars in the long run. Once you have selected HRchitect to take on your project, you can spend less time worrying about that HCM system project at work and spend more time implementing some new resolutions of your own.