LEARN to Shop Smarter

May 5, 2015

Written by:  May Huffer

In today’s technologically advanced society, a crucial function of HR is providing a platform for training and development…or LEARN. However, for someone looking to LEARN the various types of HR technologies available to assist in this responsibility, the marketplace can be a very confusing and overwhelming shopping experience. Not only is HR responsible for LEARNing which systems work best to help them execute training opportunities for their employees, HR needs to LEARN how to manage that entire process across the organization. The LMS platform is one of the most talked about and highly visible initiatives for many companies today as evident by the many RFIs and RFPs sent out on this very module alone this quarter 2015. Let’s look at LMS in more detail.

A Learning Management System (LMS) is a software platform used for the managing, recording, reporting, and executing of training/educational collateral. These include:

  • Skills and know-how
  • Training/education
  • Succession and career development planning

Thoughts to Think About

Identifying and selecting the appropriate LMS for your business needs is vital, as technology is a big investment. It’s helpful to assess LMS vendors in collaboration with a business analyst, a vendor neutral consulting firm and/or IT individual at your organization with expertise in this area. Ask yourself:

  1. Does the solution meet the business needs?
  2. Does the cost outweigh the benefits or vice versa?
  3. To what extent is the solution flexible?
  4. Does the solution integrate with other platforms?
  5. Who will assist with implementation?
  6. Is training required? Costs?
  7. Who will manage the system?
  8. What types of competencies are available?

Make a list of “must haves” and “nice to haves” when comparing different LMS vendors. Some solutions have functions that may overlap in other areas and act as a performance tracker. Afterwards, before you invest in any HR technology, determine your current and future LMS needs first, then figure out your budget, and find resources to help you. That’s LEARNing to shop smarter.

May Huffer Sep 2013

May has over 11 years of B2B outside sales experience that ranges from Retail to HCM Management Systems. She joined HRchitect in 2013 as a Regional Sales Manager and leads the sales efforts in the 14 state northeast region of the US as well as eastern Canada. May has worked with clients from mid-market to enterprise scale, who have deployed solutions ranging from Core HR systems to Workforce Management.