Learning New Lessons from Your LMS

January 26, 2016

Written by: Elizabeth Capece

“Be open to learning new lessons, even if they contradict

the lessons you learned yesterday.”

                                                                           -Ellen DeGeneres


January is home to a few noteworthy Holidays like New Year’s Day, and it is also home to some not so recognized holidays such as National Oatmeal Month and Houseplant Appreciation Day. However, most of us can agree that one special person who encourages us to be kind to one another celebrates their birthday in January. Ellen DeGeneres turns 58 on January 26 and not only is she funny and charitable, she inspires people with her dance moves and words.

The above quote in particular I wanted to highlight not just because of the overall message that we need to look at each day through a new lens, and possibly break the rules of yesterday in order to grow and learn, but because Learning Management Systems (LMS) are becoming more and more pertinent in the world of Human Capital Management (HCM). Why is that? Because when a company utilizes an LMS system, it allows anyone to create, track, manage and distribute learning materials of any kind. Nearly a $10 billion industry, LMS products and software allow any organization to develop electronic coursework, deliver it with unprecedented reach and flexibility, and manage its continued use over time.

Imagine the possibilities for a company not already utilizing an LMS system. Implementing a LMS system will equip your employees with the tools to help grow your company’s brand, streamline processes, and retain top talent. Maybe your company already has an LMS system and needs to take note to the first half of Ellen’s quote about “being open to new lessons”. By taking a look at a new Learning system or evaluating your current LMS system, you may find out you aren’t utilizing the system properly or you need a new system entirely. Whatever your LMS situation may be, HRchitect can help at any point.

So, I encourage you to be open to breaking the rules of yesterday. You may learn something new about your current learning system or realize you need to explore implementing a new LMS system. Whatever the case maybe, HRchitect is here to help. And as always remember to “Be kind to one another”. Happy Birthday Ellen!

HRchitect is a leader in both planning for HCM Technology strategy, as well as evaluation and section of all your HCM software needs. Through our expert consultants, HRchitect can also provide implementation assistance which includes both product knowledge and the best practices used by others to achieve your HR goals.

Elizabeth Capece

About Elizabeth Capece

Elizabeth has 5 years of B2B sales experience that ranges from Fundraising to HCM Management Systems. She joined HRchitect in 2014 as a Regional Sales Manager and leads the sales efforts in the Western region of US as well as Western Canada. Elizabeth has worked with clients from mid-market to enterprise scale, who have deployed solutions ranging from Core HR systems to Workforce Management.