Life Lessons I learned along my journey to joining HRchitect

March 2, 2021


Written by Adam Alexander


2020 was a year that none of us will forget, from a worldwide pandemic to a political and racial divide. The year started off as a challenging one for me, but it ended on a positive note, with a new job at HRchitect, newfound hobbies, and improved health. My journey to joining HRchitect taught me some valuable life lessons, and those lessons are what I’m sharing with you today.

Last year was certainly not an ideal time to be unemployed, searching for my next role, while watching a world seemingly on the verge of collapse. With about 150 resumes and job applications floating about in the job sphere, I was beginning to become less and less hopeful that my unrequested hiatus would soon end.

However, in the midst of the melee, I took this as an opportunity to look within and reflect on what I wanted to accomplish next. So in my time of solitude, I decided that I wanted to achieve three objectives:

  • Get creative
  • Get healthy
  • Get what I’m worth

Getting creative: With a bit of online help, I was able to build a few accent walls in my home, add garage ceiling storage, install a workbench, kitchen backsplash, floating shelf mini library, and my favorite: a home theater room.

Getting healthy: I used my free time to be more mindful of the quality and quantity of the food I was consuming. I, too, gained the “Quarantine 15”. But with a few dietary changes, a lot of sweat, and more burpees than I could count, I was able to lose that “Quarantine 15”  and an additional 20 lbs beyond that.

Though they might seem small, these health and creativity accomplishments made me realize that, no matter what is going on in the world around you, you can increase your knowledge, versatility, experience, and worth. Learning these life lessons helped me achieve my third objective: getting what I’m worth.

When I began submitting resumes and applying for jobs, I did so with a questionable sense of self-worth. This mindset was hard to get away from at first. I also had a strong sense of urgency and a desire to get back in the game of gainful employment. After all, I have a family to support and a mortgage to maintain.

But, as the days turned to weeks and weeks turned to months, I realized that I had learned some life lessons that made me realize that I no longer wanted just any job. I no longer wanted to attach myself to just any organization. I wanted to find the right fit and get what I’m worth.

This past year taught me several important lessons:

  • That I can live on and even thrive on, less money than I thought
  • This job search was no longer about salary
  • I have regained my power in this chapter
  • This was about building a relationship with a company that is going to recognize my worth, a company that holds dear what I hold dear
  • I wanted to join an organization that sees me as a person with his own goals, dreams, and aspirations and not just a tool to run dry for profitability
  • A place where I can have long term value and success

I found all of these qualities and more when I joined HRchitect in November. HRchitect is a company where I feel my worth has been realized. So far, all of my boxes for what I now see as the bar for an employer of choice have been checked with a bold sharpie marker.

What I feel makes HRchitect a company that recognizes what I’m worth:

Training:  Since I knew I would be working with clients on new systems, it was important to me that I would be set up with the tools for success. I’ve had access to self-paced pieces of training that have been invaluable. I appreciate having the ability to take elements of training as my schedule permits. The materials cover all topics necessary to be ready to perform with my clients and exceed their expectations.

Team Environment:  Everyone on the HRchitect team, from executive leadership to managers, to administrative team members, to implementation team members, have a very family-oriented and cohesive communication style. While professionalism is always expected, you are encouraged to voice your opinions. Real assistance is only a call away if you need help or have a concern. Our CEO, Matt Lafata, is extremely kind and accessible to all employees. I feel comfortable reaching out to him to discuss my questions or just to speak about my day. This is something I have never experienced, and it really is a delight to know that the ladder at HRchitect, by design, isn’t as tall as it is in most organizations.

Work-Life Balance:  With any job, you are expected to perform and fulfill your responsibilities. In the midst of performing, life does happen. When life happens at HRchitect, I have experienced firsthand people managing people and not a manager managing an employee. We are expected and encouraged to take time off to reboot and handle outside occurrences in our lives as we see fit, without feeling chastised or guilty for stepping away. Unlimited PTO is also a nice perk.

Organizational Transparency:  During my interviews, organizational transparency was at the top of my list of must-haves for a potential partnership. My last employer gave the reason that I was being terminated as low sales, which caught me off guard. I had no idea that my time in my previous position was coming to an end until it arrived. Because of this, I find it extremely important that an organization is crystal clear regarding the state of the business. Sharing information in a transparent manner allows the employees to stay informed of all successes and shortcomings and creates a dialogue based on the facts. I think HRchitect does this very well. Not only does this invoke loyalty within me, but it also gives peace of mind to know that I am successfully contributing to the partnership.

I’ve learned a lot more about myself and pushed myself more than I ever thought I would have over this past year. If I did not go through and grow through these challenges and persevere, I would not be where I am today, and for that, I am thankful.

HRchitect’s team is growing. If you’re looking to join an organization that prioritizes organizational transparency, work-life balance, training, and a team environment, see if one of our open positions aligns with your skill set and consider joining HRchitect.


Adam Alexander is an Implementation Consultant at HRchitect with over 7 years of HCM technology experience, including workforce management, payroll, and benefits systems expertise. Adam currently focuses his efforts on assisting clients with the implementation of several different Workforce Management platforms. When Adam isn’t hard at work helping clients, you can find him trying his hand at a new do-it-yourself home improvement project or playing a game of basketball.


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