Men are from Mars and Women really are from Venus at least on Social Media

April 24, 2014


Let’s face it, communication in the workplace is key to a successful business. In as much as we like to think men and women are equal when it comes to collaboration, more studies are being done on gender and how it affects that very concept. A recent article by SSON discussed how men and women differ in their communication skills especially when it comes to social media. Social Media is no longer just a fun tool where we can waste the day Tweeting about our beloved cats’ next nap or Instagramming a drunk selfie or better yet updating our Facebook status from married to single to none of your business, it’s a MUST in today’s business environment. With that said, strategically identifying how employees approach projects makes a huge difference in the outcome of that project. According to SSON, many organizations today use “gamification” techniques to make the work environment more fun and interactive. Therefore, the same logic is now being applied to teamwork and communication.

I would say to check out the really cool graphics and charts online but I know we would all rather read the cliff note version instead (which so happens to be what somebody else already did) So here it is……

  • Men are more likely to use social media for business (27% vs. women’s 22%)
  • Women are more likely to use social media for sharing and self-help (65% versus men’s 53% for sharing; 37% versus men’s 30% for “how to” information)
  • Men prefer quick access to deals or information and are more likely to scan coupons or codes (56% versus women’s 39%)
  • Women are suckers for brands (71% will like or follow a brand for deals versus men’s 18%)
  • Men engage with car, sports, and action themes; women engage with real-life situations, pets and kids, and sentimental themes. Both genders react well to humor, value, endorsements, and aspirational themes.
  • on mobile phones, women use social networks more than men [57% versus men’s 47%]
  • Men read more news on mobiles than women (10% versus women’s 7%)

In a nutshell, before you send out your next communication on your favorite social networking site, internally in the office, or externally to clients, work related or personal, make sure your message is crafted in a way that best attracts the interest of the Mars or Venus citizen you are trying to reach.

May Huffer

Regional Sales Manager at HRchitect