New Whitepaper: HCM Tech Trends 2014-2015

December 12, 2014

This whitepaper, released in November 2014, is now available for free on HRchitect’s web site in the Industry Intelligence section. It is part of our ongoing HCM Reality Check series and includes a new term that HRchitect has just introduced to the marketplace – E2E HCM. E2E HCM is the incorporation of the HCM and Talent Management processes into a single platform. Here’s an excerpt of this whitepaper:

Human capital management technology has graduated to be a consumer driven marketplace. The choices the consumer has today that were not available 5 years ago are vast. Organizations are investing in new solutions as they replace the legacy systems implemented 10+ years ago. One of the hottest trends in HCM technology is the achievement of end-to-end process optimization within the same technology platform in the cloud. Traditional HR/payroll vendors have now delivered talent management capabilities and traditional talent management vendors have HR/payroll functionality. Legacy on premise systems used to be the only place for end-to-end process achievement as cloud providers were focused on single process optimization. Today, those same providers have built or bought applications in an effort to achieve end-to-end HCM (e2e HCM). While the market has matured, the gaps in functionality differences between vendors have narrowed significantly, and it takes a savvy consumer to understand fully what each vendor brings to the table.

Part of HRchitect’s ongoing HCM technology reality check series, this report delivers a real- world perspective gained from hundreds of evaluation, selection and implementation projects conducted by Hrchitect. It also leverages the significant domain knowledge of Hrchitect consultants, whose HCM experience averages 20+ years, and who come from diverse backgrounds.

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