New Whitepaper: Training Challenges – Today’s Diverse Audience

December 12, 2014

This whitepaper, released in November 2014, is now available for free on HRchitect’s web site in the Industry Intelligence section. Here’s an excerpt:

The structured learning environment of today is presenting a challenge to Training Administrators and HR Personnel due to the fact the audience is much different and diverse than in the past. Methods used to keep the audience in tune have presented quite a few challenges with structuring Learning as it applies to live and web based delivery types. This has been driven by the diverse audiences that makes up today’s workforce.

There are currently five generation types in the workforce:

  • Veterans
  • Baby Boomers
  • Generation X
  • Generation Y
  • Generation Z

This is presenting challenges when it comes to the education and training that must take place in order to keep the workforce educated and working smarter – not harder. Research has been conducted on this very subject so let’s take some time to identify and categorize today’s diverse audience.

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