Pass Go and Collect an Integrated, Workable Technology

November 16, 2015

We are all familiar with the original game of Monopoly, or maybe the various country, state, or movie versions. It has been around for over 100 years and is played by millions. The game teaches valuable lessons in planning and strategy, as each player tries to obtain various associated properties and create monopolies.

Most of us would not play Monopoly without a plan or strategy. So, why do we think that it is OK to approach technology for Human Resources without the necessary planning and thought? One of the major areas where you need to have a good plan and strategy is when you are looking to procure solid Human Capital Management (HCM) technology that will assist you into the future. This process requires a lot of planning and research. A strategy will give you the roadmap you need to make the best selection of HCM technology, and in the correct timeframe.

Many companies have a piecemeal approach to the acquisition of HCM software. This could result in acquiring a very good vendor, only to discover your new product may not work smoothly with other technologies previously implemented. The acquisition of mismatched HCM software can continue forever if you do not have a strong plan on what features and functionality is needed, and when is the best time to acquire the software. An HCM strategy will provide you with both answers.

The strategy looks at your needs and requirements for today and tomorrow’s HR operations. By looking at the future direction of your company’s business plan and growth areas, the strategy will also help focus the planning of technology needs three to five years out.

Creating a strategy does require a lot of time and effort – one thing that is in short supply with many HR organizations, as staffing has been kept at minimum levels for the past few years. It is most advisable to look to a vendor neutral outside resource to help develop the strategy, not just because of a lack of time and staffing, but an outside resource can see your organization with a fresh viewpoint, and may, oftentimes, suggest process or future changes which can add to efficiencies.

The creation of a strategy is a critical planning step in acquiring any HCM technology solutions. It will give you the basis to do all your future technology acquisitions, as well as providing a framework for creating the ever necessary Business Case and Return on Investment (ROI) analysis that is required to get your technology funded.

Without an HCM strategy, you may be opening up your selection and implementation process up to the current “flavor of the month” software, instead of the best one for your company. It is the one planning step you cannot skip if you want to be successful in 2016 and beyond.

HRchitect is a full service HCM Technology consulting firm. We can offer assistance in creating strategy, evaluate and select technology options, provide change management assistance to assure your technology is used effectively and assist in the successful implementation of your technology. We can help you plan and execute your systems for success.