Project Leaders…

May 20, 2015

Written by: Norine Castle

Communication and collaboration internally before we go on the road!  Internally discuss, not just mention in passing or stuffing a message into an email. Share the client details, the roles, the expectations AND request feedback.

No one knows it all. Collaborate.

Success breeds success when it is shared. Cultivate communication. Listen to others.

Here is a list to pack for the project trek:

  1. Being a “Safe Pair of Hands”

This essentially means that you will do exactly what you said you were going to do, when you said you were going to do it.

  1. Having Attention to Detail

Builds trust with clients is by producing error-free deliverables, which shows that we’re thorough and our recommendations are solid.

  1. Being the “Go-To” for Something

You’ll likely be floating between industries, areas, and clients.

  1. Knowing How to Think Before You Do

THINK – Focus on the tasks at hand, but also to think critically about the work.

  1. Having Resourcefulness

You will be asked to solve problems that may be completely new to you—or even completely new to the industry. And when you’re faced with these tough problems or challenging requirements, it’s your resourcefulness that will help you succeed.

  1. Not Being Afraid to Ask (Good) Questions

Questions help ensure you understand what you are being asked to do and the issues your client is facing, and they can also help you to demonstrate your understanding. Internal dialog and client facing validation.

  1. Be kind. Stay professional.


Norine Castle