Reassessing Your Technology Needs for Tomorrow’s Organization

January 26, 2017

A New Year calls for many changes in our lives, and if you’re like most people, one change that’s at the top of your list is reorganizing your closet. Having to decide between tossing, keeping and donating is something we all do at some point because time marches on and clothing goes out of style, fades, doesn’t fit anymore, or may no longer be practical if you’ve moved to a different climate. Some articles of clothing need to be revisited and you have to ask yourself “Will I ever wear this again?”. Not only does this exercise declutter our closets, but it also sheds some new light as to which clothes serve what purpose in our lives as we evolve personally year to year.

This is much like an organization’s HR technology systems. Whether a system changes, fades, or simply goes out of style, it is important for decision makers to recognize the opportunity to evaluate how things within their HR technology are “fitting” for the longevity of the company.

Anyone’s closet can draw similar parallels to their own HR technology systems, because any CHRO or CTO likes to see their money being put to good use. For example, if you purchased a recruiting system, but over time your company changed and outgrew it, you would want to replace it with a new recruiting system. This is a positive change, because company growth means business is good.  Getting rid of a system that was reliable and useful to your organization for many years can be hard, but the opportunity to upgrade to something that better meets your organization’s current needs can be challenging without the correct direction and assistance. However, finding that right technology can be made easier by just contacting HRchitect to assist you with your selection for a new HR system that is the best fit.

Sometimes pieces of clothing in our closet just aren’t being worn enough and we are not sure if we can justify keeping them. Maybe they need to be spruced up with new accessories, or taken to a professional to be altered or cleaned. HRchitect can help optimize your HR systems, leaving you with a system that you can utilize and keep rather than replacing the system, which gives you another opportunity to realize a return on your investment.

Occasionally our closet is missing something entirely, like a winter coat for those temperamental climates. For example, if your company was not utilizing a learning management system at all, you may want to shop for one to integrate with your existing HR systems. This can be tricky. You want something that your company will utilize, but one that will also complement the other systems within your current technology landscape. This is another area in which HRchitect can help. By enlisting the help of an fashion consultant HCM (Human Capital Management) Technology consultant from HRchitect to help you with your current HR technology strategy and roadmap, you will have the systems needed to complement all your HR technology needs.

HRchitect has worked with many clients for the past two decades across many industries and a wide range of employee sizes. Needless to say, we’ve seen a lot of industry trends and can identify those system staples and are well equipped to help you with any of your HR technology selection needs, no matter where your company is in their HCM technology journey.