Recharge with HR Technology

June 2, 2020

Written by Christine Elrod


Who couldn’t use a recharge right now in the midst of this COVID-19 pandemic? Recharge is a powerful word that each of us understand, no matter what industry we work in, or what our job role is. From a professional point of view, the word recharging typically conjures up an image of an employee enjoying a well-deserved vacation, perhaps lounging on a tropical beach with a cocktail in hand. Since COVID-19 and the resulting stay at home orders across North America have virtually put a stop to leisurely vacations that we have historically enjoyed as a way to recharge, I’ve been increasingly thinking about alternative ways to recharge.

When I ask myself the question, “How am I currently recharging and maintaining a healthy work-life balance?” The answer is (ironically) technology.

Like many of you, technology has afforded me the capability to be connected with family and friends.  I find myself recharging with video chatting and playing games with friends and family that I cannot be physically present with. I am recharging via exercise, taking advantage of popular online instructional workout videos and challenges (some of which are no joke, by the way). I am finding new ways to recharge and stay connected with my colleagues, including participating in HRchitect’s virtual trivia nights to help us recharge as a team.

Recharging with technology is not something that is limited in applications to individual employees. Recharging with technology should be top of mind for employers, especially those looking to keep employees engaged throughout these uncertain times and those looking to set themselves up to be well-positioned to retain their top talent once the job market eventually bounces back.

As an employer you should be asking your organization, “How can we recharge with HR technology in the following areas?”

  • Employees – How can we provide our employees a safer and easier work experience through HR technology? Should we consider replacing time-clock stations with mobile applications for clocking in and out, or implement functionality that allows for greater employee self-service in areas such as benefits changes, or tuition reimbursement questions?
  • Managers – Can we improve existing system configuration to minimize the administrative time they need to spend in these systems, so they can spend more time coaching and leading?
  • Process workflows & compliance – Are our systems in compliance with the latest local, state, and federal regulations? Does the configuration of our current systems match our business processes, making it easy for users to follow the processes we’ve thoughtfully created for our business?
  • Business Strategies – Do the HR technology systems that we have in place align with our future-state business strategies?
  • Communication & Efficiencies – Do we have the processes and technology to automate sending employee communications via e-mail or text messages?


Recharging in the form of choosing new or replacement HR technology systems or improving the way your organization is utilizing existing HR technology can quickly generate a significant return on investment and protects your most important asset…your employees. The HRchitect team has been helping organizations across the globe create strategies for HCM technology and evaluate and select systems since 1997. If you need to recharge your HR technology, we’re here to help you do just that.



About Christine Elrod 

Christine Elrod is a Workforce Management Implementation Consultant at HRchitect.  Christine has a background in Human Resources with concentration in workforce management systems project implementation.  When not helping clients implementing game-changing workforce management systems, Christine serves on the board of her local humane society and puts her extra energy into attending adoption events and fostering rescue dogs.