Replacing the Batteries Before A Fire – Tuning Up Your HCM Technology

February 16, 2016

Written by: John A. Hinojos

Most of us have some type of smoke or CO2 device in our homes which will alert us if situations have changed and we have a pending disaster. To keep these devices working correctly, it is advised that you replace the batteries twice a year. Most people will pick either key events in the year or the beginning of two seasons.

Like these alarms, your HCM technology also periodically needs to have “its batteries changed” by reviewing, to make sure everything is still current. Here are some steps to follow to achieve this Tune-Up.

  1. Keep Up to Date on Legal Changes

Legal changes happen throughout the year. Oftentimes, the largest changes happen on January 1, but you need to check which laws are impacting your system.   Your software vendor will be catching many of these and putting them in the most recent upgrade to your product; however, the onus of making sure your system is fully in compliance relies on you and not the vendor.

To keep updated, you may want to consider having some type of legal update service send you alerts as laws are changing. In the past, this was very labor intensive as the documents were all printed, but now services offer you options to search and locate only those areas in which you are doing business.

  1. Have a Legal Resource in All Locals

Many organizations rely on a central legal department for their labor law interpretations. While this can be accurate most of the time, there are often slight nuances to the actual administration of the law that someone not totally versed the state, country or local court interpretations may not understand. It is also advisable to have a legal resource you can use within the states, provinces, or countries where you do business. They will have a full understanding of recent court interpretations and the impact on your operations on those locations.

  1. Keep in Touch With the Changing Global Environment

Major changes are always happening. This is particularly true if you have a system which is being used in two or more countries. Change can occur when there is a change in government. You need to keep apprised of pending changes as they are formulating, and not just when they become law. To do this, again rely on a news service or an alert system which can inform you of a pending discussion or change.

One such item that is pending changes, is the EU Safe Harbor framework. The current regulations have been in place for 15 years and are used by thousands of companies to move data between the US and Europe. Last October, the EU courts ruled these standards null, as there was some concern about privacy safeguards. As a result, the EU and the U.S. government are currently trying to come up with new regulations before the end of January. You need to be concerned if you do business in the EU, as violations on the new EU regulations could be up to 4% of your corporate revenue. HRchitect will be keeping you updated on this key legal change in the coming months, as more directives are agreed upon.

  1. Consider Optimizing Your Technology

System usage changes and many times the process which was implemented a few years ago has become cumbersome. You should periodically consider having a specialist conduct a review of your system and how effectively you are using the technology.

While a system check-up is not something you need to do on a weekly or monthly basis, you should consider this option if your current technology configuration has been in place for more than 18 months. Usually after a year and a half, processes have changed significantly enough to warrant some type of tweaking to your current configuration.

After all, you get an annual physical and take your car in for maintenance. You must also do this for your technology.

HRchitect is a full service HCM Technology consulting firm. We can help you optimize and keep your HCM technology solutions running at top speed so you can get the most return on your technology investment. HRchitect can provide assistance in creating or revising a HCM Technology Strategy, reviewing current systems and workflow, and assisting with the evaluation and implementation of new technology.

John Hinojos

About John Hinojos

John  A. Hinojos is Vice President, Consulting Services for HRchitect. He has been in the HR and HR systems industry for over 30 years.  He holds a degree in Mass Communication/Public Relations, and teaches courses on managing global HR systems projects.