Tuning Up Your Talent Management System

August 8, 2017

You’ve had your Talent Management System running successfully and feeling comfortable that you are prepared for the future direction to support your organization’s values. Now is the time to start moving towards making the system work even better.

Quite often, System Administrators fall into this scenario and focus on maintaining the status quo of the system instead of thinking somewhat outside the box. Best practice would be to begin to strategize ways to make the system better and more efficient.

Let’s look at what a successful optimization would review:

  1. Popular features and functions. This will give a benchmark of what the users of the system are utilizing the most.
  2. Features that don’t get utilized often. Some of the items here may be critical to the system, just not used often.  Be sure to know into which category they fall.
  3. Using your data. Set goals for a more efficient system.

Once you have sufficient data to form baselines, then begin to strategize the optimizations that will be needed.  Be sure you follow your plan, and document each step carefully. Don’t attempt to overhaul or make a lot of changes, but do make small movements that will energize and keep people working in the system.

Another good idea is to work on methods to solicit feedback. Set up anonymous surveys that are based on: functionalities, core processes, and role based access. Be sure to include comment sections for ideas and pain points. There may be some negativity included in the feedback, but this is to be expected. Take this valuable data and work towards a top ten list of subtle changes that can be made.  Don’t make full blown changes unless there is some change management communications in place. Always strive to keep this movement going, for the work force isn’t static and therefore neither should the software.

The items above were based on work performed with various clients, and through knowing the demands of the various Talent Management Systems. With the dynamic environment of today’s work force, there must be a systematic approach to assist each area in order for the software to perform at its peak.


HRchitect is a leader in Human Capital Management (HCM) implementations for most major systems. As a strategic consulting firm, and not just an implementation firm, we understand the importance of best practices and have tremendous experience in system healthchecks and subsequent optimization to ensure your organization is getting the most from its investment. HRchitect can also assist with HCM technology strategic planning, evaluation and selection services, and change management.