Top 5 Benefits of Mobile HR Solutions

July 27, 2016

Written by: Chris Henien

Companies often asking themselves, “What more can we do for our employees?”  Many times they overlook the use of Mobile Applications that have been on the rise for quite some time now, and employees are beginning to expect mobile access in all facets of their lives.

Apps are widely considered as a practical way to log into Facebook, shop on Amazon, and stream a movie on Netflix – but what about submitting a timesheet or requesting time off?  The ease of access through a mobile device is something that more and more businesses are able to provide through a mobile HR solution, and below are the top five benefits to their employees.

  1. Timesheets

You’ve just left the office on a Friday at 6pm, your family is waiting for you with a packed car, and you’re heading out of town for a weekend camping trip. Everything is going smoothly until you get an automated email on your phone from your HR team that you haven’t submitted your timesheet and it’s due today.  I can say from personal experience that it’s much easier to open your Time & Attendance mobile application and click submit than backtrack to the office to grab your forgotten laptop.


  1. Benefits

If you have been to a doctor’s appointment, but failed to remember your medical insurance card, you will immediately understand the value of being able to review your benefits from your smartphone.  You will be able to pull up your insurance through a mobile app and share your provider, plan name, group number, and any other information you’d find on the card.


  1. Work Scheduling

Workforce planning and allocation is an ever increasing requirement in the workplace.  There are many times where you may be looking to pick up an extra shift, update your availability, or request time off in the future.  All of this and more can now be handled through mobile HR solutions directly from your mobile device – anytime, anyplace.


  1. Payroll

Whether it is commissions, company bonuses, or any other monetary compensation that you are expecting from your company, the ability to view your paycheck on-demand can be quite handy.  Creating budgets, planning future spending, and determining if you can afford that new car all revolve around the amount of money you are earning – which you can now see right from your mobile device.


  1. Retirement Planning

Last but not least, the ability to monitor your retirement plan’s performance from the palm of your hand. While there may not be anything remotely urgent about checking the value of your 401(k) from your mobile device, there is something pretty rewarding about being able to review your savings on the go.

If your organization is looking for an added benefit that you can provide to your employees, look no further than expanding your HR solution to a mobile platform.  At HRchitect we have had considerable experiencing evaluating, selecting and implementing mobile technologies for HR.  We are your trusted partner in HR implementations and always strive to provide expert service and solutions.  Contact us if you are considering making the move to mobile!

Chris Henien

About Chris Henien

Chris joined the HRchitect team in January 2016 as a Senior Consultant. With 5 years of experience in software consulting, Chris specializes in the Workforce Management implementations. He currently works most closely with companies implementing a WorkForce Software solution as a technical and functional consultant.