Top Tips for Selecting a Talent Management Application Suite

February 1, 2017

Like other organizations that HRchitect works with, you may be at the point of selecting and working with Vendors to purchase the best Talent Management application suite for your company. Be aware this can be a very challenging venture, so here are some tips to ensure you are spending your money wisely, and getting a system that will allow growth with a positive Return on Investment (ROI).

 Working with a knowledgeable company to assist with selecting a Vendor

One of the best pieces of advice is to work with a vendor-neutral consulting firm that has knowledge of the Talent Management Systems (TMS) marketplace. A knowledgeable company must have direct knowledge of vendors in the marketplace and work with you to narrow the search down to a workable group of TMS vendors. They should also have staff that is experienced in TMS trends and standards and the ability to facilitate discussions of best practice recommendations by working as a liaison between you and the vendor. When working with a consulting firm, allow them the freedom to interview the key users of the system, in order to document future state requirements.

Requirements gathering

Work closely with the team, to iron out all the “must have” and “nice to have” requirements.  Document and prioritize each item. This will ensure that when you are selecting a TMS vendor, the vendor is being evaluated based on fit to requirements and that the highest priority requirements are being met. Once the implementation begins, remember to share the selection requirements with the implementation team, so configurations can be made to satisfy each item.

Ensure user adoption

The best way to maintain acceptance from the target audience is to make sure the system is acceptable from the initial introduction. This will ensure that you receive buy-in, and the audience has confidence that this is the way to go. There will be learning curves, but acceptance, once lost, is extremely hard to rebuild. One way to do this is to involve key stakeholders in vendor demonstrations. If they have a role in selecting the system, their acceptance and adoption will be greater.

It is easy to cut corners and go it on your own to select a Talent Management System, but in the long run, you will most likely find yourself in the same position a few years down the road. By working directly with a company that understands this marketplace and following some valuable tips, you will be working smarter instead of harder.

Allow this company to select a small number of Vendors that can showcase exact requirement solutions, not bring in a lot of flashy demonstrations. You need to ensure that Vendors can satisfy documented requirements, and are only displaying exactly what will be put in place at Go Live. Also allow the selected company to drive the Vendor towards showing only the modules you will utilize, for there are overlaps that can work against you if they are not part of the purchase.

HRchitect brings a wealth of marketplace experience for we have successfully worked with over a thousand clients across the globe to ensure they have selected a system that will work not only for today, but in the future. We are vendor-neutral and follow closely a set of proven processes that ensure we capture all requirements and allow for the selection of the best fit software application. We then take the requirements and construct a script that ensures vendors demonstrate methods for solving requirements to identify any fit gap. Beyond the selection we can help with implementation and change management to ensure that you get the maximize ROI from your investment.