Training – The pivotal, yet often overlooked piece of an HCM Technology Implementation

February 14, 2017

Written By: May Huffer

One of the main reasons a new HR technology system fails is not providing ample time for training. Whether it’s a necessary system upgrade, implementing a brand-new system, or simply transitioning from one platform to another, your staff will be faced with change and new ways of doing things. It is easy to understand why an organization and the implementation team members may be eager to celebrate their success, and jump right in to using the new system, but it is crucial that training for all of the stakeholders is not overlooked.

In order to avoid difficulties after system deployment, as well as risking failed adoption of the system, here are a few reasons why training is a vital part of an implementation:

  1. Avoids confusion and mistakes

This is particularly important for your end users and stakeholder groups. People are generally not comfortable with change, and a new system and process can be intimidating. Providing them with adequate training and resources, delivered in a relevant manner, will ensure they have a better understanding of how to use the new system and processes.

  1. Maximize your knowledge on additional system features

Your system Administrators need to understand the system capabilities.  This ensures you’re well versed in features that could help you to enhance the system to improve your organization’s processes.

  1. Allocate Training to HR and IT based on their role

It is important that these teams have the right training and a clear understanding of the expectations of their role in support of the new system.

To help with the pressure of implementing a new system, seek out firms that have specialty services around core team training, train-the-trainer, administrator training, and change management support across organizations. At HRchitect, we provide customized training for your specific need in all areas of HR Technology from basic to advanced assistance with your Applicant Tracking System, HRIS/Payroll System, Learning Management System, Workforce Management Systems, Talent Management Systems and much more.


May Huffer

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