Transcending ‘Git-R-Done’ to Get it done Right!

April 15, 2015

Written by:  Cheryl Tyson

There are many ways to ‘Git R Done’ like Larry the Cable Guy often pronounced, but perhaps jumping up and down and hollering at your team members to ‘Git R Done’ might not be the best way to proceed. So what do you do now that you have been assigned a Human Capital Management (HCM) project and you now have the responsibility to succeed?

Let me suggest that the following 10 steps will provide you with a checklist to not only succeed but ‘Get it done, Right!’

  1. Choose a consulting firm to guide you through the selection maze.
  2. Hire a professional project manager to focus on quality results.
  3. Understand your goals and your basic need.
  4. Dedicate time to the requirements and the design.
  5. Create test cases that will give you confidence in the end result.
  6. Manage the change process and project scope.
  7. Communicate up, down and sideways.
  8. Measure what’s important.
  9. Stay the course.
  10. Celebrate your success.

Finally, don’t be afraid to ask for help.  HRchitect can provide assistance with each of these steps.  As HCM professional consultants, we have the experience and expertise to work with you to take the risk out of the project and guide you to successful results.

Cheryl Tyson 2

Cheryl Tyson has more than 20 years of experience in the HR software industry as a Project Manager, Implementation Consultant, Product Manager and Management Consultant.  Her areas of expertise in the HCM market include HRIS, Payroll, Workforce Management, Benefits and Analytics.

Prior to joining HRchitect Cheryl worked for various consulting firms providing consulting services to large and small clients in the financial, medical, call center and government environments.

Cheryl has a degree in Computer Systems Technology and an MBA from Ivey Business School, University of Western Ontario.