Vendor Neutrality Leaves Little Room for Hype

March 3, 2015

Written by:  Reggie Wilson

As we move on through the first quarter of 2015, I have noted a common frustration with many of my current and future clients. Whether they are seeking a new solution for Payroll, On-boarding, Recruiting, Core HR, or Workforce Management, a common theme is that every vendor claims to have the superior solution.   The majority of the market is quickly learning that these vendors are willing to tell them what they want to hear with the end result of over-promising and under delivering. In other words the Hype to Bang is not there.

Hype To Bang – When the excitement and/or advertising on something far exceeded the actual feature functionality of the product or experience.

A thorough evaluation of available solutions should always be the first order of business especially since the landscape has changed so much in recent years. Nowadays you no longer have the exclusive “SaaS Club” which once upon a time was the main calling card for engaging a prospective client. Today the field is well stocked with vendors who deliver solutions via the SaaS model. So what does this mean for the client? A best fit solution with reasonable acquisition and ownership costs is within reach for all.

Solid Future State requirements can be compromised in the following situations:

  1. A team member who has had experience with a particular solution at a previous company and insists that same solution will work within the current organization.
  2. The use of a strategic consulting firm that has a bias towards a particular solution. Typically that firm is being compensated by the vendor in the form of a spiff, or additional work which is usually the pending implementation project.
  3. Falling into that “Hype to Bang” trap as a result of a captivating marketing presentation. Over-promising and under delivering will always result in buyer’s remorse.

Again the best defense against any of the aforementioned is to develop a slate of potential solutions by way of an objective vendor neutral approach. You might be surprised with the benefit and value of such a strategy. The internal collaboration with the various stakeholders will chart a path towards genuine peace of mind.

The options in HCM technology have evolved for the better, so take the opportunity and the time to utilize that growth to your advantage.

Reggie Wilson3

About Reggie Wilson

Reggie has nearly 20 years of technology sales experience that ranges from Telecom to Human Capital Management systems.  He joined HRchitect in 2013 as a Regional Sales Manager, and leads the sales efforts in the 15 state central region of the US as well as central Canada.  Reggie has worked with clients from mid-market to enterprise scale, who have deployed solutions ranging from Workforce Management to Core HR systems.