5 Reasons to choose HRchitect as your Workforce Management Support Team

November 5, 2019

Written by Chris Henien


HRchitect is the go-to partner for workforce management implementations and support. Whether or not your implementation was completed by HRchitect, we are your best option for ongoing support to help keep your workforce management system (Kronos, Ultimate Software, WorkForce Software, and others) in prime condition as your organization grows and as new features become available for your system. Here are the top 5 reasons to choose HRchitect as your workforce management support team.

  1. Experience

Our team of consultants come from a wide variety of backgrounds, with each consultant having at least 5 years of experience implementing, configuring, and training end users on many different workforce management systems. With this level of expertise, you can count on HRchitect to have the knowledge and understanding to assist with any level of new configuration or updates to existing rules.

  1. Wide range of services

HRchitect support contracts offer you the flexibility to use your support hours as you see fit. We can assist with implementing new configuration of workforce management rules, troubleshooting existing or new issues, as well as providing tactical support for new features, products, and global rollouts. Whatever your needs are within your organization, the HRchitect team can help.

  1. Dedicated consultants

With an HRchitect support contract, every client is assigned 1-2 dedicated consulting resources for all support needs. This means that you’ll never have to re-explain your needs to new support representatives or debrief a new person on the history of your organizational updates. Your small team of dedicated consultants will become experts on your organization’s processes and your system configuration. This significantly reduces the time to complete new work or resolve new issues, and you get more value out of your support hours.

  1. Response times

At HRchitect, you can expect feedback on your submitted issues within 24 hours, most times much sooner than that. This feedback is either providing a resolution to the issue or a few questions asking for more information in order to resolve the issue. Our team takes response times very seriously and we understand the level of urgency that comes with workforce management system issues. Rest assured that every ticket you submit is our top priority.

  1. Support packages

HRchitect offers multiple levels of support to meet your organization’s needs and budget. These packages range anywhere from 50 to 300 hours. We also offer ad-hoc support for situations where it may not make sense to purchase a package of hours. We will work with you to determine the best fit for your organization, so please reach out to talk with us about your specific scenario.

Whether you are implementing new workforce management rules or introducing new groups to your workforce management system, HRchitect has the experience to assist you. With dedicated consultants focused on becoming experts in your organization’s configuration, we provide quality support with consistent response times. We have multiple levels of support packages, including ad-hoc support, so that your organization can choose an option that works best for you. For more information on support contracts at HRchitect, please request a consultation.


About Chris Henien, MBA, PMP