You can pay me now, or you can pay me later

July 23, 2019


Written by Reggie Wilson

There are likely several of you out there that remember the old Fram oil filter commercial from the 1970s where the auto mechanic uttered the phrase, “You can pay me now, or you can pay me later”. The mechanic was implying that the customer could make a small investment in maintaining their car today, with the low-cost investment in a Fram oil filter, or pay the mechanic a LOT more money at a later point to fix the car. Later, of course, means when you had more serious, not to mention more expensive, car problems due to lack of regular ongoing preventative maintenance with quality auto parts.

That same thought process can be applied in the aftermath of an HCM system implementation, which is like that shiny new car you just drove off the lot. Once the initial implementation has been completed, should the client continue with a much smaller investment in an ongoing system support plan? The answer to that often depends on the client’s internal staff – mainly, whether they have time to maintain the system, on top of their current workload, and whether they have the technical knowledge to do so. Retaining access to a level of subject matter expertise that can be used to support the new platform is a proactive measure that can also serve as a long-term cost avoidance. An ongoing support plan, which should be offered by your implementation partner, can address that need for expertise and give you a dedicated consultant to answer your questions, change configuration as needed, and work to proactively maintain your newly-implemented system.

Just as a car needs an oil change every few thousand miles, your newly implemented system is going to need some ongoing maintenance. You don’t want to maintain your car with some low quality, watered-down oil – you want the high quality Fram oil filter, which will prevent you from having to replace your entire engine down the line, which is much more costly.

I have visited with many organizations over the years who have underestimated the need for ongoing support. That mindset often leads to a more costly investment down the road, which could have been avoided. That larger investment is typically a full-scale optimization project to reestablish the platform efficiency gains.

Believe it or not, a support plan for an HCM platform serves the same purpose as using a Fram oil filter for your vehicle…significant cost avoidance.

If you’re in need of ongoing support services for any of your HCM systems, contact HRchitect. We’ve helped thousands of clients across the globe ensure the longevity of their systems through effective ongoing support and maintenance.


About Reggie Wilson

Reggie has over 20 years of technology sales experience that ranges from Telecom to Human Capital Management systems. He joined HRchitect in 2013 as a Regional Sales Manager, and leads the sales efforts in the 15 state central region of the US as well as central Canada. Reggie has worked with clients from mid-market to enterprise scale, who have deployed solutions ranging from Workforce Management to Core HR systems.