HRchitect – What’s in a name?

January 7, 2020

What’s in a name? Announcing new OYO naming convention


Written by Samantha Colby


HRchitect – What’s in a name? Would a consulting firm by any other name sound as sweet? All corny Shakespeare references aside, we get a lot of commentary on our company name. Many compliments, the occasional struggle with pronunciation, and lots of questions.

So, what’s the story?

When the company was founded in 1997 it was called FletchTech, which incorporated the name of our founder, Rick Fletcher. Back then when recruiting systems were an emerging technology, there were very few consulting companies out there helping clients evaluate and select HR and Applicant Tracking systems. Rick discovered this need through working with our first client, FedEx, on what was supposed to be a small project, but grew in scope to become a 2-year project.

After a few years in business, FletchTech was set to rebrand. To choose a new name, the company held an employee naming contest. The winning entry was HRchitect and, as you know, the name still stands today!

When you think about it, our name truly encompasses what we do. “HR” represents Human Resources and Human Capital Management (HCM). The “chitect” derived from “architect” alludes to our focus on helping organizations with their HR technology architecture – determining what their strategic plan is, helping to evaluate and select the systems that meet their needs, as well as implementing and supporting  the right HR technology systems that build a tech stack that allows their organization to meet their future state goals. Much like how an architect guides clients through the process of building a house, from understanding the client’s vision, creating blueprints, and connecting the client with reputable contractors to ensure the construction project goes smoothly, we do the same with HR technology. We might be helping clients determine a strategic plan which includes what systems to purchase or replace, and in what order to do so, helping clients evaluate and select systems from a crowded vendor marketplace, and implementing the systems to make sure the client’s original requirements are met and their vision becomes a reality; whatever the project we’re doing, the end goal is to make sure they have the right HR technology for their organization, and that it is implemented in a way that allows the client to maximize return on investment.

With the re-naming from FletchTech to HRchitect came a new logo. The new logo (see below) was very architectural in design. Variations of the logo included the background of a blueprint, a compass and a protractor.

HRchitect’s earlier logo

At times, the heavy reliance on architectural imagery in our old logo could be a source of confusion -people would think of HRchitect as an Architect firm. To this day, many people still want to say “HR-Architect” when saying our company name.

Around 2009, we found ourselves often speaking with clients about “how to solve the puzzling world of HR technology”, and from there came our inspiration for our more modern logo and brand identity as they are today.


HRchitect’s current logo

Although our name, logo and scope of service offerings, have changed over the years, there are some things that haven’t.

  • We continue to be the leading HCM technology consulting firm
  • Our guiding principal remains to always do what is best for our clients
  • We believe in the importance of employee feedback – that same level of respect for other’s input and openness to new ideas is how we got our name, after all
  • We’re vendor-neutral – we’ve never taken commissions or referral fees from HCM technology vendors, nor have we ever had financial backing from HCM technology vendors

We are very proud to be selected as Great Place to Work and Dallas Fort Worth Best and Brightest Companies to Work For.

If you’re ready to begin your next HR technology project, whether it’s creating a strategic plan, evaluating and selecting a new system, implementing a system, or optimization and support of a current system, we’re here to help you, like we’ve helped thousands of other clients over the past two decades.


Samantha Colby

About Samantha Colby

Samantha Colby is the Marketing Director at HRchitect. Samantha has a background in B2B and B2C marketing in a range of industries including consulting, higher education, and sports and entertainment. When not preparing for upcoming trade shows or analyzing recent marketing campaign performance, Samantha can be found following Boston-based sports teams or reading a book from the local library.