Change Management

Change Management

Organizations often forget about Change Management until it is too late. Have you considered how you will communicate the change of system to your organization? Our experience has shown us that many organizations that have a failed rollout of a new HCM system got there because the change was never communicated to their organization.

The introduction of new processes and technologies, while a positive change, will be disruptive to business operations. A solid change plan should be created to ensure a successful Human Capital Management system implementation and user adoption. HRchitect will work with your organization to create a detailed change plan for the implementation of your selected HCM system.

A change plan will also help management understand the true cost of the new system, as changing technology may also require acquiring new skill sets within your organization.

HRchitect has a methodology for change management that includes six key components: identification of the need for change, assessment of the impact of change, ownership of the change activities, planning for the change, learning activities required to implement change and measuring the success of the changes.

While an implementation plan will include some tasks for training of the implementation team and users, it would not contain a detailed plan for managing the change within your organization. While change management is an optional task within HRchitect’s delivery of implementation services, it is highly recommended.

If you want ensure your organization is ready to accept the change and understand what it is going to take for your system change to be accepted and ensure user adoption, contact HRchitect to discuss how a Change Management project will benefit you.

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