Singing from the Same Songbook

August 2, 2017

Written By:  Eric Frokjer

When working as a client on a new HCM implementation project, it is much more productive if we’re singing from the same songbook/on the same page.  If not, the project will be going in different directions and not toward a harmonious conclusion.  Here are a few tips to consider. This is based on implementing a Benefits platform, but the concepts are the same across any HCM module:

  1. Group Employees by Benefits Offered

Start by having a matrix with each plan offered (including Grandfathered plans).  Include a list of all data elements found in your HRIS system (include where the element is found, and how it is stored in the old and new systems) for each of the plans.

Once this is created, have your client team review before sending to the implementation team.  Finally, double check against reports from Payroll (deductions), Benefits (elections) and Carriers (who is covered on their side) to make sure everything is correct.

  1. Clean Data

Whether it is Demographic data (Employee Name, Address, email, Phone numbers), Dependent data (Name, SSN, Birthday, Relationship); Beneficiary Data (Name, SSN, Relationship, Trust Name and date, if allowed); or Elections (Name, SSN for who is covered), your data must be clean and ready to move into the new system.  Never think you can put the data in and then clean it up later.  Bad data will lead to a bad implementation.  Spend the time upfront to make sure everything is correct.

  1. Elections with Matching Dependents and Beneficiaries

Validate that for each Benefit election or plan, there are the correct Dependents (matches coverage level – EE + Spouse, Family) and Beneficiaries (if Beneficiary is required), with the allocation percentage, if needed.  Making sure this all matches will result in a smoother transition to the new administration system.

  1. Have your Employee and Employer Plan rates ready for your Open Enrollment

Keying Plan Rates is tedious and needs to be exact.  Have all your data organized and schedule some focus time on your calendar to do your input.  You only want to enter this once!   To do it twice or more, uses more project time and can result in additional errors.

  1. Have your survey data ready

If Survey data (i.e. Tobacco or Healthy Living) is needed to drive rates or eligibility, have it clean and validated against plan participation (i.e. a survey result for each election).  Have the Employee ID and Survey responses ready for your implementation team.

HRchitect is a leader in HCM implementations for most major systems. As a strategic consulting firm, and not just an implementation firm, we understand the importance of best practices and will work with you during discovery and project kickoff to clearly outline expectations to make sure we are working together and in alignment to help ensure a successful implementation that meets the unique needs of your organization. HRchitect can also assist with HCM technology strategic planning, evaluation and selection services, and change management.

Eric Frokjer

About Eric Frokjer

Eric has over 25 years of experience in the HRMS field.   Some of his experience is in implementing Human Resources, Benefits, Payroll and Time & Attendance systems. He has been working with HRchitect since 2012.