HRchitect helps organizations effectively and efficiently meet strategic Human Capital Management (HCM) goals and requirements.


Does your organization have an HR technology strategic plan?
Most do not, but all companies should. HRchitect knows what it takes to put best practices in place with regards to HR systems and strategies.

Does your organization use any kind of HR system today?
Systems do not always perform as well as they could. HRchitect helps organizations optimize these systems for maximum efficiency or help find different solutions if they are not working for the specific needs of each organization.

Is your organization currently needing to evaluate and select an HR system?
The sole reliance on recommendations or published reports is not wise. After 15 years in business, HRchitect has gained unparalleled knowledge of the HR and Talent Management vendor community through attending analyst briefings, working on hundreds of implementations and management projects for and with vendors, and performing countless evaluations and demonstrations of HR technology systems.

Is your organization planning an implementation of any kind of HR system?
Use of HRchitect has proven to take the risk out of any HR technology project. HRchitect’s consulting team can help with project management, functional consulting, training and user adoption, report writing, change management and integration services.

We invite you to explore our site, learn more about us, and ask some of our clients who have benefited from HRchitect’s consulting services. Whatever you do, talk to HRchitect before embarking on any kind of project related to HR technology. We promise great value, great service, and success every time!