10 Little Known Facts about HRchitect

June 11, 2019

Written by Samantha Colby


  1. HRchitect was originally called FletchTech, named after HRchitect’s founder Rick Fletcher. After a few years in business, we held an employee naming contest in which HRchitect took the #1 spot.


  1. HRchitect shares the same headquarters city – Frisco, Texas – as the Dallas Cowboys, Jamba Juice, the future home of the PGA and Keurig Dr. Pepper, among many other well-known organizations. Frisco is a hub of innovation in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex, and was recently named the fastest-growing city in America.


  1. While we are headquartered in Frisco, 100% of HRchitect’s consultants work remotely. Why, you might ask? Working remotely gives HRchitect’s employees great flexibility and work/life balance, not to mention saving them a ton of time by eliminating the hassle that goes into commuting to an office every day. Additionally, we’ve been able to build a team of top talent from across the United States and Canada, rather than limiting ourselves to one geographical talent pool.


  1. Our longest tenured employee is Brian Kimball, who has been with HRchitect for 19 years.


  1. Although you now know us as the go-to consulting partner for all of your HCM technology needs, from creating an HCM technology strategy to remote system administration and everything in between, we originated as a firm fairly laser-focused on evaluation, selection and implementation of applicant tracking systems, which was an emerging technology back in 1997.


  1. When we say we’ve worked with clients of all sizes, we mean it. Our smallest client has less than 50 employees, while some of our largest clients have over 100,000 employees, including one of the largest employers in the world with over 2 million employees!


  1. April of 2019 marked 22 years in business, being independently owned and operated the entire time! We’re proud of this for a number of reasons. Most consulting firms fizzle out in the first few years. On the opposite end of the spectrum, others are acquired by larger firms, which often means that they lose focus on their core business. For the past 22 years, we’ve lived and breathed nothing but HCM technology.


  1. 97% of our implementations are completed on time, and within budget. That’s pretty significant considering we’ve completed thousands of HCM technology projects over the past 22 years. Those few that do go over are generally the result of a change in scope, usually when the client adds a module/functionality/something else that wasn’t factored in to the initial project plan, but that’s alright. In these instances, we’d rather our clients take the time to do their implementation right, than rush through and skip something that would have added value to their organization.


  1. Some of the HR technology vendors themselves have turned to HRchitect to create certification exams for their other consulting partners, and even their own employees.


  1. Over 60% of our consultants are former HR practitioners. They’ve been in your shoes and keep that perspective in mind when working with you on your system implementation. What about the other approximately 40% of our consultants? Well, before joining the HRchitect team, they worked at HR technology vendor organizations, so they also bring a unique perspective to the table, regarding software configuration, which perfectly complements the experience our former practitioners bring to the table. 100% of our consultants take a consultative approach to their HCM technology projects.



Over the past two decades, HRchitect has helped thousands of organizations across the globe align their HCM technology initiatives with business objectives to achieve extraordinary results. HRchitect is a name you can trust, and your one-stop shop for all your HCM technology needs from strategyevaluation/selectionimplementationchange managementongoing support, and everything in between.

About Samantha Colby

Samantha Colby

Samantha Colby is the Marketing Director at HRchitect, the leader in HCM systems strategic consulting. Samantha has several years of experience in the payroll and benefits administration space. Samantha has B2B and consumer marketing experience in several industries including consulting, higher education, and sports and entertainment. When not preparing for upcoming trade shows or executing marketing campaigns, Samantha can be found following Boston-based sports teams or reading a  book from the local library.