Providing educational resources to HR professionals is one of the ways we meet our goal of facilitating and educating our clients and HR professionals. HRchitect has produced a series of educational videos to share industry trends with HR professionals. Please view a video below to learn more about a selected topic.

How to Effectively Manage Remote Teams

March 26, 2020

Drawing on their own experience, Matt Lafata and Brian Kimball share strategies and tips for how to effectively manage remote teams.

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What to do if a Vendor is Sunsetting Your Technology

January 1, 2020

In the world of HCM Technology, change is the only constant. One change that may throw you for a loop is when you receive notification that your technology vendor is sunsetting or changing your HCM technology.

While you likely aren’t jumping for joy about this, you don’t have to panic either. Let the HRchitect professionals guide you so you know, “What to do if a Vendor is Sunsetting Your Technology”.

In this short video, HRchitect President, Matt Lafata, and EVP of HCM Consulting Services, Jacqueline Kuhn, explore how you can proactively deal with these changes, and answer these questions:

-Is there a way to anticipate the sunsetting of your product?
-How can you anticipate product changes in terms of growth or lack thereof?
-How can you plan for these changes or sunsetting of your technology? What kind of options or solutions do organizations have today?
-As a user is planning to move to another product, what should they be thinking of so that they do not have to repeat the process in just a few years?

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Training Challenges with Today’s Diverse Audiences

July 1, 2019

With five generation types active in today’s workforce, HR professionals are facing training challenges like never before. Let the HRchitect professionals guide you through the training challenges that exist with today’s diverse audiences.

In this short video HRchitect President & CEO, Matt Lafata, and Senior HCM Implementation Consultant, Ray Eaton, examine how to best handle these training challenges and answer these four questions:

  • What is the profile of today’s learner?
  • What challenges are present when training needs to account for each generation?
  • What training tools are necessary to keep the next generation of learners engaged?
  • What are some pieces of advice for organizations that want to go about structuring training today and in the future?

This short video is part of HRchitect’s ongoing HCM Technology Leadership Series. For more information on today’s training challenges, download the Training Challenges: Today’s Diverse Audiences whitepaper.

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HRchitect Insights: HR Tech 2015

November 5, 2015

The annual HR Technology Conference is considered a must-attend event for those who are interested in keeping up with the latest trends, technologies and industry standards in the ever-evolving Human Capital Management (HCM) technology world.

In this short video, two industry experts from HRchitect, Jacqueline Kuhn, EVP of Strategic Consulting Services, and Bill Buttimer, Senior HCM Consultant, share their insights and experiences from the 2015 HR Technology Conference. The HRchitect team discusses:

• What was new and different at the 2015 conference?
• What technology was not necessarily new, but was improved?
• What were some of the biggest challenges as an attendee in the Expo Hall?
• Does an impressive booth equate to an impressive product offering?
• How are vendors with similar products differentiating themselves?
• Overview of the conference General Session
• Reflections on the Keynote Session
• Trends specific to benefit providers
• Can new trends in performance management be applied to all industries?
• Interesting observations of different vendor marketing strategies
• How did a vendor’s booth location impact booth traffic?
• Reflections on General Session regarding selecting and implementing HR Technology

Whether you were one of the 4,000 conference attendees at this year’s event, or if you missed out on the 2015 event, you do not want to miss out on hearing HRchitect’s Insights from the 2015 HR Technology Conference.

After you get a chance to watch and listen, please reach out to HRchitect for further advice and insights into the world of HCM technology whether you need help assistance with developing an HCM technology strategy/roadmap, evaluation/selection of a new system, or implementation-related help.

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