There is Always Room for HCM Technology Improvement

January 21, 2021


By Reggie Wilson


Yes, improvement! When most people think of improvement, self-improvement comes to mind specifically. The continuous improvement mindset should be embraced by all, in both our personal lives and our professional lives. This past year, many of us have dedicated time for personal development activities, such as learning a new language, educational reading, obtaining a new certification, upskilling or reskilling with an online class, improving mental and physical health, and brushing up on those ever-important culinary skills. If you’ve undertaken some personal improvement initiatives this past year, I’m sure you’ve found them enjoyable and impactful.

Just as you keep a continuous improvement mindset in your personal life, you should be doing the same as an HCM technology leader in your organization. There is always room for HCM technology improvement. One specific area of HCM technology that you should always be vigilant about is the effectiveness of is your Learning Management System (LMS). Today’s ever-expanding workforce values the ability to continuously improve in the workplace. An effective LMS is the foundation of a strong corporate continuing education program, and it’s often the central pillar in organizations where the corporate culture utilizes a “promote from within” philosophy.

If your organization needs help with the evaluation and selection of an LMS platform, whether standalone or part of a larger HCM initiative, or an optimization of an LMS platform to continually improve your new LMS system, I’d encourage you to reach out to HRchitect today.


About Reggie Wilson

Reggie has over 20 years of technology sales experience that ranges from Telecom to Human Capital Management systems. He joined HRchitect in 2013 as a Regional Sales Manager, and leads the sales efforts in the 15 state central region of the US as well as central Canada. Reggie has worked with clients from mid-market to enterprise scale, who have deployed solutions ranging from Workforce Management to Core HR systems.