What differentiates HRchitect?

November 30, 2021



Written by Matt Lafata


I’m frequently asked about what makes HRchitect so successful and what differentiates us from competitive firms. While there are many reasons, I’m focusing on three key areas that drive our success. But before I get there, let’s try to define the type of firm that HRchitect is. In general terms, there are strategic consulting firms, and there are implementation firms. Sometimes you find a rare commodity in the HCM technology consulting world that falls into both categories. HRchitect is one of those rare finds.

When it comes to implementation, a strategic consulting firm like HRchitect will take your HCM system implementation much further than a traditional implementation firm or implementation resources from your vendor will.  Sure, we follow the vendor’s methodology, but then we surround that with HRchitect’s methodology for best practice consulting and change management, ensuring ROI and system longevity. We take the time to understand project goals and which business processes are most important to you. This helps us to guide you to make the best system design decisions for your organization and is all part of our “client for life” mentality that we live and breathe. This invaluable knowledge and expertise isn’t accumulated overnight. Instead, it comes from 25 years of experience and thousands of client engagements, working with organizations of all sizes, industries, and a wide variety of HCM vendors.

Now, back to the three areas that I mentioned in the first paragraph.

First, the people at HRchitect are second to none. We go out of our way to treat them like family and provide the best employment experience possible. They are an incredibly diverse group of passionate and dedicated individuals who work so well together and are always going above and beyond for the benefit of our clients and partners. They’ve come to HRchitect from competitive firms, HCM vendors, and from being practitioners.  There is a reason that HRchitect is consistently named a Great Place to Work® and one of the Best and Brightest Companies to Work For in the Nation®. It doesn’t happen by accident and is part of why so many people want to come work for HRchitect. This better working environment is constantly nurtured through things like employee care packages, home office allowances, 401k matching contributions, virtual happy hours and trivia nights, donations to causes that are important to employees, and the list goes on and on.

Secondly, HRchitect is a strategic consulting firm, an increasingly rare commodity in the HCM consulting world where we provide both strategic services (evaluation/selection, change management, etc.) as well as implementation services across multiple platforms. It is important to emphasize that we implement many different systems, and we will continue to expand the number and types of systems that we implement. Why? In my opinion, it would be unethical to help organizations select new or replacement systems yet only implement one platform. HRchitect has never taken this approach and never will.  Suppose our clients select a platform that we aren’t certified to implement. In that case, they will generally keep us on as a strategic advisory throughout the implementation or fulfill client-side roles that they are either not equipped or staffed for. Our strategic practice allows us a unique perspective on the marketplace that few implementation firms will ever have. In fact, this led to the publication of a book in early 2021 entitled HRchitect’s Guide to HCM Technology: What you should know before your next HCM technology purchase, which should be required reading for anybody in the HCM industry, in my humble opinion.

And that leads me to my third reason, the diversity of HCM/WFM platforms that we work with. Besides the unethical reason mentioned previously, working with multiple systems provides tremendous benefit to our clients because it moves us beyond the tunnel vision that can take place when you are focused on only one way of doing something. I have nothing against firms that focus exclusively on one system as that is their business decision to make. It’s just not ours and not something you can do if you are helping organizations choose the best system(s) for their needs. We want to provide our implementation clients with a broader look at what their system can do for them and a broader look at industry best practices to create the best experience possible while allowing them to get the greatest ROI on their HCM technology investment. Knowing how different platforms approach situations differently allows us to bring forward the best recommendations to our clients, regardless of which system they are working with.


As you are thinking about your HCM Technology projects, whether the purchase of an application, implementation or review of current processes and technology, think of HRchitect. We’d appreciate the opportunity to add your name to our list of happy and productive clients.

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Matt Lafata

Matt Lafata has over 25 years in the HR industry & has been with HRchitect since 2004. As President & CEO, he oversees HRchitect’s sales, marketing, customer success, partnerships, consulting, finance & global strategy.

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