HCM Acronyms and Abbreviations

April 16, 2019


Written by May Huffer

If you have or spend time with children, you know that one of the first lessons they learn is the alphabet. There are all types of books, games, songs and shows that teach toddlers their ABCs. Simple tools to help them remember each letter such as “A is for apple” and “B is for ball” are very effective. When a child has learned the whole alphabet, the look of excitement and pride on their face, and yours, is priceless.

This got me thinking about acronyms, acrostics, and abbreviations used in other aspects of life outside of learning the ABCs. Many organizations use acrostics and acronyms on social media, in marketing campaigns, and other forms of outreach. It’s also a way for businesses to communicate lengthy titles or complex ideas in shorthand ways.

I thought it would be fun to come up with an acrostic using the name of our firm, HRchitect, to illustrate the services we provide in the HCM technology industry. This is an effective way to help everyone, from clients to new hires, understand HRchitect’s value proposition as they learn about our business. I challenge you to do the same with your company’s name!


H – Hire an expert on HCM systems

R – Reallocate your HR team to more strategic activities

C – Customized services to meet your specific HCM technology needs

H – HCM strategy development and roadmapping services

IImplementation & deployment services

T – Tactical support & troubleshooting for various platforms including Benefitfocus, Oracle, Saba,  Ultimate Software, WorkForce    Software and more

EEvaluation & selection services

CChange Management services

T – Trusted in the industry since 1997

If you’re ready to kick off a new HCM technology project, reach out to HRchitect to see how we can help.


About May Huffer

May has over 15 years of B2B outside sales experience that ranges from Retail to HCM Management Systems. She joined HRchitect in 2013 as a Regional Sales Manager and leads the sales efforts in the 24-state eastern region of the US as well as eastern Canada. May has worked with clients from mid-market to enterprise scale, who have deployed solutions ranging from Core HR systems to Workforce Management.