Consultant Spotlight: Vanessa Kimball

July 19, 2022

Vanessa Kimball, an HCM Implementation Services Consultant at HRchitect since 2013, is a seasoned consultant experienced in the planning and implementation of complex client projects. She has deep expertise in HR/Payroll, Benefits, Recruiting, Onboarding, and Talent Management. Vanessa is well prepared to assist in successful end-to-end implementations while delivering an excellent client experience. She particularly enjoys using her skillset in both System Consultant and Configuration Engineer roles to help clients implement the UKG suite of products. Get to know Vanessa, her workday routines and what motivates her in our latest consultant spotlight.

Hometown: Winnipeg

Alma mater: I graduated from the University of Winnipeg in 2009 with a Bachelor of Science, specializing in Physics, and a Bachelor of Education.

All-time favorite restaurant: I love homecooked meals. One of my favorite homemade meals is prawn capellini.

Last book you read: I love to bake, so I enjoy reading books about baking. One of my recent favorites is the book, Sugar: Simple Sweets and Decadent Desserts, by Anna Olson.

What do you do when you’re not working? I enjoy baking and I am crafty. In my downtime when I am not baking, I like to cross-stich, experiment with digital drawing, and knit.

How did you find out about HRchitect, and what made you join the company? I have been with HRchitect since 2013. I was referred by a former employee who thought with my background and skills as a math teacher would be a good fit as a consultant.

How has your background impacted your experience as a consultant? Formerly I was a high school math teacher. Being a former teacher allowed me a to be a better consultant because I developed strong listening and communication skills. This has helped me more clearly communicate with clients, de-escalate issues, and be able to calm my clients to get them past normal frustrations they might be dealing with during an implementation project. I like to encourage my clients and help my clients to understand each step. I break things down and I set very detailed goals and give clear instructions to guide my clients throughout the lifecycle of the project.

In your own words, what do you do at HRchitect? My primary role is a consultant. I am a builder at heart. For a long time, I was configuration engineer. I love to build, trouble-shoot, figure out problems, find a solution, integrate, and optimize for my clients in order to make them happy and successful at work.

What’s a typical workday like for you?  First thing in the morning, I scan my emails to see if there are any issues that need my attention. I then do majority of troubleshooting throughout the day. I enjoy researching and leveling up my skillset via continued learning and development. This helps me find new or improved solutions to help my clients.

Tell me about a project you’ve worked on that you’re particularly proud of.  I am currently working on a project with a large industrial supplier client that I took over from another consultant. I am the solo time consultant, and it has been extremely rewarding to be managing this project. I really collaborate well with this client. It is exciting to be part of their first live payroll run this week.

As part of a team that works 100% virtually, what technology or collaboration tools do you use to make your work life easier? I utilize Slack for communication with my team and clients. I also use email a lot.

What motivates you to wake up and go to work every day? I really enjoy the routine of my job. My job gives me purpose and I enjoy helping my clients find solutions. It is also financially rewarding working at something I enjoy doing.

Which employee perk that HRchitect offers do you enjoy the most? Why? Working from home. I like that I can make my own schedule, work at my own pace and I can work from anywhere.


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