Key areas you need to clean up in your HR data

March 4, 2020


Written by Eric Frokjer

Whether you’re migrating from one HCM system to another or moving away from paper-based processes and implementing an HCM system for the very first time, every system is powered by data. If your data is riddled with errors, (dare we say dirty?), you’re setting your organization up for failure. That is, unless you take action and clean up your data. Investing a little bit of time in this area has a BIG impact on the success of your implementation project and your HR department’s overall success.

We’ve broken down the key fields you should clean up in your HCM system, and shared our best practices for those data fields, so you can clean up your data efficiently and effectively.

There you have it – cleaning up your HCM data is easier than you think! If you’re thinking that you’d love to clean up your data before kicking off your next HCM technology project, but that you just don’t have the bandwidth to do so, let us know. We can help you with that, along with project management, implementation services, change management, and more.


About Eric Frokjer

Eric Frokjer has over 25 years of experience working with HCM technology and has been working with HRchitect since 2012. He enjoys working with clients to successfully implement HCM systems including Benefits, Core HRIS, Payroll, and Time & Attendance.