How Adding New Benefit Carriers and Plans Impact an HCM Implementation

Written by: Heather Soper If you’re like the majority of employers, you may be considering changing Human Capital Management (HCM) systems this  year, in addition to making new carrier and plan decisions. It’s the perfect time, right? Start  fresh with new plans, new software, and a new sense of purpose and prepare for the next …Read More »

Top Three Considerations When Implementing a New Benefits System

Written by: Colette Peterman There are many things to consider when thinking about implementing a new benefits system. Maybe the motivation is different: going from paper to electronic, wanting to streamline and centralize processes, and/or simply wanting something that’s more user friendly to the participant. Whatever the reasons are, there are many similar considerations to be …Read More »

Putting Away the Crystal Ball – A Better Method to Plan for the Future

Written by: John A. Hinojos One thing that has always amazed me when working with clients, was how much I was told about the current processes and what was working, but how little everyone had thought about what the technology and processes would need to look like in the future. This has been an issue …Read More »

(Don’t) Do-It-Yourself when it comes to your HCM Implementation

Written by: Samantha Colby Congratulations! Having exercised careful consideration, deliberation, and negotiation, you’ve finally selected your new HCM system. After contracts have been signed, your vendor sales representative throws a major curveball your way – there are going to be extra costs associated with implementing your software.  No one had made you aware of that …Read More »

Training – The pivotal, yet often overlooked piece of an HCM Technology Implementation

Written By: May Huffer One of the main reasons a new HR technology system fails is not providing ample time for training. Whether it’s a necessary system upgrade, implementing a brand-new system, or simply transitioning from one platform to another, your staff will be faced with change and new ways of doing things. It is …Read More »

Top Tips for Selecting a Talent Management Application Suite

Written by: Ray Eaton Like other organizations that I work with, you may be at the point of selecting and working with Vendors to purchase the best Talent Management application suite for your company. Be aware this can be a very challenging venture, so here are some tips to ensure you are spending your money …Read More »